WeSpot and Visionics team up to deliver facial recognition on built-in camera platform

WeSpot and Visionics team up to deliver facial recognition on built-in camera platform - Only Facial Recognition Technology Available on Embedded Platform; Represents a Paradigm Shift in the Delivery of Technology LUND, SWEDEN/JERSEY CITY, USA. Visionics Corporation (NASDAQ:VSNX), the worldwide leader in identification systems and technologies, has announced today that it is collaborating with WeSpot AB, a subsidiary of Sweden-based C Technologies AB, to port the capabilities of the FaceIt® engine onto the WeSpot Camera Platform. WeSpot intends to have the new system available for delivery in 2002. The WeSpot Camera Platform is designed to register specific incidents, such as intrusion and trigger an alarm. The camera has a built-in processor in the camera, enabling the delivery of facial recognition capabilities at a significantly lower cost to a traditional set up. The integrated facial recognition component brings the processing functions directly to the camera itself, thereby enabling broad market applications such as home alarm notification, access control and retail and airport security. Lars Holmqvist, CEO of WeSpot, said, "We strive to incorporate the best technologies in delivering our products to market. We are pleased to be working with the industry leader, Visionics Corporation, to deliver integrated facial recognition capabilities on the WeSpot Smart Camera Platform, both in combination with our other applications, the Intelligent Intrusion Sensor, Smart Door Opener and NurseSensor, and as a key component in future applications, such as access control systems that are triggered with the presence of a human face." Intelligent Intrusion Sensor triggers alarms by both detecting and surveilling and delivering automated alarm verifications. Smart Door Opener opens doors better by more accurate knowledge of direction, positioning and size and can then more securely handle door automation and reduce energy losses, apart from added values like customer behavior. NurseSensor is a new way of providing a more secure world towards elderly and disabled persons. Joseph J. Atick, chairman and CEO of Visionics commented, "Technology is adopted at the speed in which the surrounding infrastructure is created. Porting FaceIt® technology to an embedded platform such as the WeSpot Smart Camera, exemplifies the company's mission to make facial recognition available at any point of action, and at any device. By bringing the processing functions to the camera itself, we have eliminated many barriers to entry for the installation and integration of facial recognition capabilities in the consumer market. "We welcome WeSpot into our family of partners and look forward to delivering on these new, exciting market opportunities." Photos are available for download at www.visionics.com/newsroom/downloads/images/ and www.wespot.com For further information, please contact: Lars Holmqvist, CEO of WeSpot AB. Tel. +46 (0)733-45 14 51 Birgitta Plyhm, Information Manager at C Technologies AB. Tel. +46 (0)702-07 36 32 Frances Zelazny, Director of Corporate Communications, Visionics. Tel. +1-201-332-9213 Tim Pidgeon, Visionics UK, +44 (0) 1793 441910 WeSpot AB,s business concept comprises smart cameras that register specific incidents and trigger the alarm. The aim is to become a leading player within the field of smart image sensors for a variety of applications. WeSpot AB was founded in 1999 and now has about 30 employees and an office at the Ideon Research Park in Lund. The company is a subsidiary of C Technologies AB with Malmöhus Invest AB, SEB Företagsinvest, Bure Invest and CR&T Ventures as minority owners. C Technologies is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list (Attract 40). For more information visit our web site: www.wespot.com C Technologies AB (publ) was founded in 1996 and is a well-established Swedish high-technology company with cutting-edge expertise in the fields of digital camera technology, image processing and digital pens. The Company's primary product is the C-Pen® digital pen, which has received several important international awards for best IT product. The C-Pen scans, stores, processes and transmits text to a PC, either by infrared or by cable. The pen can also translate, send e-mail, SMS and facsimiles, and read bar codes. The C Technologies Group, which also comprises the subsidiaries Anoto AB and WeSpot AB, currently has about 300 employees and offices located in Lund, Stockholm, Atlanta, Boston, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Major shareholders include company founder Christer Fåhraeus, State Street Bank, Ericsson Mobile Communications and SEB Fonder. C Technologies' share is listed on the O-list of the OM Stockholm Exchange (Attract 40). For more information visit our web site: www.ctechnologies.se About Visionics Corporation Visionics Corporation is the worldwide leader in identification technologies and systems, and is uniquely positioned with a comprehensive set of biometric identification product offerings: FaceIt®, live scan, IBIS and BNP. Award-winning FaceIt is the most widely deployed facial recognition software engine that allows computers to rapidly and accurately detect and recognize faces for the broadest range of uses, including ID Solutions, surveillance, information security and banking. TENPRINTER, FingerPrinter CMS and ToolBox live scan systems, which capture fingerprints images without the use of ink, are widely used by government agencies, law enforcement, airports, banks and other commercial institutions in the US. IBIS is a revolutionary mobile identification system that captures forensic quality fingerprints and photographs for wireless and standard data transmission to law enforcement and other legacy databases for real-time identification. BNP is the only commercially available platform for delivering scalable biometric solutions. It incorporates FaceIt technology for implementation over large-scale networks and real-time identification. Visionics' complete product offerings are reflective of its leadership position in the biometric industry and commitment to the innovation of identification technologies. More information on Visionics can be accessed via the Company web site at http://www.visionics.com or by calling Frances Zelazny, Director of Corporate Communications at +1 201-332-9213. 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