Cabonline's taxi fleet in Malmö fossil-free by 2025

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By 2025, the goal is for Cabonline's taxi fleet in the Malmö region to be completely fossil-free through a collaboration with E.On, Mercedes-Benz Malmö, Din Bil Syd and Hedbergs Bil Malmö.

The largest sustainability project for taxis in southern Sweden has now started with the goal that Cabonline will have a completely fossil-free taxi fleet in the Malmö region by 2025. The project is possible through a unique collaboration between E.On, Mercedes-Benz Malmö, Din Bil Syd and Hedbergs Bil Malmö. Cabonline's ambition is to, in consultation with their clients in the region, move to community-paid trips carried out by electric vehicles only.

-         It is very gratifying that we have started this important sustainability work to contribute to a better environment in the Malmö region. The goal is that all TaxiKurir, Sverigetaxi and Taxi Skåne taxis will be completely fossil-free, with zero CO2 emissions by 2025, says Sasa Vejzovic Regional Manager, Cabonline Region South and West. A unique collaboration with E.On, Mercedes Malmö, Din Bil Syd and Hedbergs Bil in Malmö makes this possible.

The collaboration is essential in Cabonline's sustainability work, which puts great effort into increasing the pace of transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet. They are continuously working with selected partners to become climate neutral by 2030. Cabonline supports Agenda 2030 in its entirety. Through its operations, Cabonline has both the responsibility and the opportunity to contribute to several of the Agenda 2030 goals, emphasizing objective #11 Sustainable cities and communities and goal #10 Reducing inequality.

-         Given the excellent development and availability of electric cars and the continued expansion of the charging infrastructure, we look forward to only bringing fossil-free vehicles into our taxi fleet by the end of 2022. We carry out over 1.2 million trips in the Malmö region every year. When all these trips are carried out completely fossil-free, there will be a great positive environmental impact on the entire region," says Sasa Vejzovic.


E.On is an important partner in this sustainability initiative through their investment and development of the charging infrastructure.

-         It is very gratifying to be part of this collaboration with Cabonline. The taxi industry places unique demands on the charging infrastructure, both around availability and fast charging. We hope to learn a lot from this initiative and develop new and improved services for electric car charging that will benefit the whole society," says Pär Möller, E-mobility Director Nordic, E.On.


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