ISO Board supports plan to manage gas supply during winter


The California Independent System Operator (ISO) Board of Governors yesterday agreed to extend a plan to mitigate possible power interruptions this winter due to capacity restrictions on the Aliso Canyon gas storage fields serving the Los Angeles basin.

The provisions support an action plan crafted by the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the ISO in advance of the winter months and anticipated high demand for energy for heating Southern California homes and businesses. It was the topic of a public workshop in Diamond Bar, California on August 26.

“The energy agencies and ISO staffs worked collaboratively to effectively manage summer demand on the electric grid following limitations on a major California gas storage facility that serves the Los Angeles Basin,” said Steve Berberich, ISO President and CEO. “We are now building on that experience to ensure we have the best practices in place to meet winter heating demand and still have the gas needed to run the region’s power plants.”

Aliso Canyon, the largest gas storage complex in California, has operated for decades to supply gas to local customers and electric power plants. It is currently prohibited from increasing natural gas storage levels until safety reviews are completed on its wells.

The Aliso Canyon Gas and Electric Reliability Winter Action Plan outlined 10 new measures for winter reliability risk mitigation, including urging natural gas conservation during cold weather, gas withdrawals from other fields and replacing lost generation from other sources.

The measures are in addition to those from a summer action plan drawn up by the four agencies to mitigate risk of natural gas and electric service interruptions in the Los Angeles region during the summer months when gas power plants generate much of the energy used for air conditioning.

Click here to view the winter action plan on the Energy Commission website.

Click here to view the ISO board meeting documents.

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