Camanio Care’s telepresence robot Giraff participates on event for AI and innovation

In April, the European Commission launched an AI-strategy in order to facilitate the use of Artificial Intelligence. However, the development has already started, and The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise organizes an event to showcase innovative technology. Camanio Care’s telepresence robot Giraff is one of the innovations that will be in the spotlight during the day, where it will open the event with a greeting from the stage.  

There is a consensus in Brussels regarding the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on people’s lives in the future. On November 28th, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise will look at how the daily operation of companies has changed through the use of technology.

The event gathers members of the European Parliament and decisionmakers as well as companies working within education, healthcare, retail and agriculture, with the purpose of showcasing the innovations of the future. The technology will be key in solving many of the challenges facing society today and in the years to come.

Giraff solves challenges within healthcare

We are facing a global demographic transformation where people live longer, and the elderly population continues to grow. The result is that more people will require care in the future, and both elderly care and healthcare will face new challenges in trying to meet the increasing needs. At the same time, there is a shortage of health care workers to take care of this growing population. In order to solve the equation, innovative technology will inevitably have a key role to play.

Camanio Care’s telepresence robot Giraff is one of the products which will be displayed on the event in Brussels. By performing virtual care visits, the Giraff liberates valuable time for care staff, and can thereby contribute to meet the growing needs within health care.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s event takes place on November 28th between 2.30 pm and 5 pm, at Microsoft’s office in Brussels.

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