Capio comments audit of Psychiatry in Stockholm

The Stockholm County Council (SLL) made an audit of all public and private units for adult Psychiatry in Stockholm during the spring of 2017. All units got remarks in the audit. Capios units in south east of Stockholm noted some remarks of which registration in the patient record system was mentioned. Following some media commentary today, October 4, 2017 in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet, Capio leave the following comment

All patients have a clear plan for treatment at Capio Hjärnhälsan – all patients have had a ”treatment plan” which is another way to classify and register the patients care planning. The remarks made in the audit relate to the fact that these treatment plans has not been registered as “Care plans” in the patient record system. Consequently, no patients has been lacking a clear care planning for their treatment.

Patient safety is high at Capio Hjärnhälsan – no care related incidents has been reported in relation to what has been remarked in the audit. Capio Hjärnhälsan follows structured and evidence based care programs with nicety. The audit also show that Capios work with suicide risk patients is of high quality and follows a good patient safety agenda. Patient satisfaction at Capio Hjärnhälsan is high.

80% of all patients feel involved in their treatment, the same amount of patients feel confidence for the medical staff at Capio Hjärnhälsan and 83% of patients feel safe with the care given at Capio Hjärnhälsan.

Capio Hjärnhälsan does not exploit the reimbursement system – Capio has not cheated or systematically taken advantage of the ”point system” that form the basis for reimbursement of care at Capio Hjärnhälsan. There are no such suspicions from the County either. The question about an eventual refunding is related to the interpretation by both SLL and Capio, how various workarounds should be registered.

Capio welcome the audit conducted by the county. Together with SLL Capio view this as a step in developing the contract and a process for both the county (SLL) and care givers to get a shared view on how to interpret the contract and routines for reimbursement and registration in the patient record system.

All remarks made in the audit has been adjusted by Capio since May 2017, which the county is fully aware about. In close cooperation with the county, Capio continues to develop and improve routines for registration and documentation for the care at Capio Hjärnhälsan.

För information:

Maria Bejhem, Manager Capio Hjärnhälsan AB
Phone: +46 732-01 87 60

Henrik Brehmer, SVP Group Communications and Public Affairs Capio AB
Phone: +46 761-11 34 14

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