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Capio's opinion on circulated "Vinst för Vården" ("Profit" for healthcare") report

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Capio's opinion on circulated "Vinst för Vården" ("Profit" for healthcare") report: Capio opposes legislation that excludes certain operational formats Recommends stronger quality assurance and certification of healthcare providers Capio AB, in its opinion on the circulated advisory report entitled "Profit" for healthcare" (SOU 2002:31), welcomes the idea of subjecting the results and quality of healthcare providers to more stringent critical examination. Capio recommends stronger centralised supervision of healthcare, appropriately under the auspices of the National Board of Health and Welfare, and proposes that a system of compulsory certification of healthcare providers be developed. However, Capio opposes the enactment of legislation that excludes certain forms of ownership from operating emergency hospitals or highly specialised healthcare units, for example, or which prohibits healthcare providers from accepting patients regardless of who pays for the care. "We fully support the fundamental principle of publicly financed healthcare that is available to everyone and allocated according to needs on the basis of everyone being considered equal. But this begs the following question: What is the reason for the major differences in waiting times and treatment principles in various parts of Sweden? And why is so little interest being shown in comparative studies of quality and performance," says Stanley Brodén, Head of Capio Healthcare Nordic. "Excluding certain players from parts of the healthcare sector, or providing certain operating formats with competitive benefits in relation to others, is meaningless if the true aim is to improve and develop healthcare. The prerequisites for providing good healthcare to everyone are the existence of a variety of healthcare providers and healthy competition between them," says Per Båtelson, Capio's Chief Executive Officer. In the company's opinion on the report, Capio also recommends - using the United Kingdom as a role model - that a constructive dialogue be established between central government, county councils and private healthcare providers in order to establish mutually productive, long- term co-operation. Gothenburg, November 1, 2002 Capio AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Ann-Sofi Lodin, Deputy Head, Capio Healthcare Nordic, +46-70-632 11 65 Tomas Philipp, Information Manager, St Göran's Hospital, +46-70-887 75 15, +46-8-5870 2049 Ulrika Stenson, Director, Corporate Communications, Capio AB, +46-70-590 07 23, +46-31-732 4004 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/01/20021031BIT00850/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2002/11/01/20021031BIT00850/wkr0002.pdf