Nordiska Klinikerna, owned by Capio, is starting a new anorexia treatment centre

Nordiska Klinikerna, owned by Capio, is starting a new anorexia treatment centre in Stockholm Following the public procurement of intensive treatment of eating disorders, the county council of Stockholm has signed an agreement with Nordiska Klinikerna regarding outpatient and inpatient care of patients with anorexia/bulimia. The 3-year contract can be extended another two years and has an annual volume of SEK 14M. At the beginning of next year, Nordiska Klinikerna will start a new treatment unit for patients in Stockholm at Löwenströmska Hospital, north of Stockholm. The new unit will specialise in day care and will complement the inpatient care that started during the autumn of 1999. "- This new unit will be a longed-for contribution to eating disorder services in Stockholm. There is a large shortage of beds and we are very happy to contribute to the extension of eating disorder treatment within the county of Stockholm", says Rolf Glant, Medical Director of Nordiska Klinikerna. "- With the extended operations in Stockholm, the Capio Group strengthens its successful investments on patients with eating disorders. Together with Capio's other clinics, Europe's leading international network is within this speciality", says Torgny Brenton, Head of Business Area Psychiatry and Executive Vice President at Capio. Since 1999, Nordiska Klinikerna has run a 12 bed hospital for intensive treatment of anorexia. The care model integrates psychological treatment with advanced medical treatment and the establishment of healthy eating behaviours. Nordiska Klinikerna receives patients on referral from both Sweden and the other Nordic countries. Nordiska Klinikerna AB started their first clinic during the autumn of 1999 at Löwenströmska Hospital. The clinic has had a successful year with good treatment results. The operations are based on a treatment programme they have developed themselves, putting the patient in focus. Nordiska Klinikerna is part of Capio's Business Area Psychiatry, with operations in Stockholm, Varberg, the UK and Switzerland. Capio AB is listed of the O- list of the OM Stockholm Exchange. Gothenburg 6 November 2000 Capio AB (publ) For more information, please contact: Rolf Glant, Medical Director, Nordiska Klinikerna 08- 587 332 60, 0709-491237 Ulrika Stenson, Vice President Corporate Communications, Capio AB 031-732 40 04, 070-590 07 23 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: