Previa acquires the remaining 50 per cent of the shares in Örebrohälsan Previa

Previa acquires the remaining 50 per cent of the shares in Örebrohälsan Previa AB Previa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Capio AB, has completed negociations with Örebro Kommun, Lekebergs Kommun and Föreningen Örebroföretagens Hälsovård regarding the purchase of the remaining 50 per cent of the shares in AB Örebrohälsan Previa. In 1994, Previa acquired 50 per cent of the shares in Örebrohälsan and is now purchasing the remaining 50 per cent at a purchase-sum of SEK 8.5 million. Örebrohälsan Previas annual net sale rate is approx SEK 28 M. "The acquisition of Örebrohälsan Previa allows us to co-ordinate operations with Läkargruppen Örebro as well as to fully integrate the company into Capio's Business Area Outpatient Healthcare. We are also going to introduce our new information system for operational support and medical records within short, parallelly with our other units within Previa", says Peter Risberg, Head of Business Area Outpatient Healthcare and Previa's Senior Vice President. The agreement is valid as soon as it is approved by the local councils of Örebro and Lekeberg. Gothenburg 24 October 2000 Capio AB For more information, please contact: Peter Risberg, Senior Vice President, Previa, and Head of Business Area Outpatient Healthcare, Capio 08-627 43 12 Ulrika Stenson, Vice President Corporate Communications, Capio AB 031-732 40 04, 070-590 07 23 Previa is Sweden's market-leading supplier of occupational healthcare. The company works with everything that affects employees' work environment and health. Previa is today responsible for occupational healthcare at some 11,000 workplaces, covering more than 500,000 employees. the company's yearly sales rate is around SEK 500 million and the company employs some 750 people. Capio provides services in healthcare, diagnostics and elderly care, representing thirty medical specialist areas. Clients are primarily county councils, trusts, insurance companies and municipalities, as well as employers purchasing occupational healthcare services. At the Capio care units, which have agreements with public sector principals, patients can obtain care on the same terms as within the public healthcare system, and the same patient fees and waiting list regulations apply. Capio has an annual sales rate of SEK 3,300 million. Capio is listed on the O-list of the OM Stockholm Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: