St. Göran's Hospital sells industrial kitchen to Eurest AB

St. Göran's Hospital sells industrial kitchen to Eurest AB S:t Görans Sjukhus AB (St. Göran's hospital) has signed an agreement with Eurest AB regarding the sale of the hospital's industrial kitchen, located in the Sabbatsberg area of Stockholm. In connection with the transfer, an agreement between the parties has been signed regarding the delivery of patient and staff meals to St. Göran's hospital for a three-year period. The kitchen staff will keep their jobs under the auspices of the new owner. The kitchen prepares food for both staff and patients at St. Göran's hospital, as well as for many other clients. Turnover is approximately SEK 45 million per year. "St. Göran's industrial kitchen has successfully worked with quality and secure delivery and has created a strong position in the Stockholm market. We are now selling the kitchen because the hospital wishes to concentrate on developing its healthcare services and other directly related services. Eurest AB is the leader in its industry and is at the forefront both in terms of quality and IT support. The company is now in a position to develop the kitchen's operations optimally," says Åke Strandberg, CEO of S:t Göran's Sjukhus AB. "The acquisition of the kitchen is well suited to Medirest's strategy as a quality supplier of meals for healthcare and geriatric care. The acquisition provides us with a well-run business and a well-equipped kitchen in the heart of Stockholm, and we are taking over customer delivery agreements within the healthcare and geriatric care segments. We see excellent opportunities to develop operations within areas that require a relatively large volume base for development initiatives. We can also offer the staff a wider arena and progress possibilities within an international catering company, and these are many within healthcare and geriatric care, says Gunder Nydahl, Vice President of Eurest AB. The deal is subject to operations undergoing due diligence. Facts about St. Göran's hospital S:t Görans Sjukhus AB (St. Göran's hospital) is part of the Nordic region's leading private care group, Capio AB, and is the first emergency hospital in Sweden with a private owner. St. Göran's hospital has around 1,500 employees, 240 beds and had a turnover of SEK 800 million in 1999. The company service portfolio includes clinics for orthopaedics, medicine, surgery, anaesthesia, x-rays, physiology, emergency care and ServiceGruppen, which provides a comprehensive array of services for the hospital and other clients in the public and private sectors. Facts about Eurest AB and Medirest Eurest AB is one of the leading catering companies in Sweden, which, with related services, operates in a number of sectors. Today, the company has 1,000 employees and a turnover of SEK 500 million. The company forms part of Compass Group PLC, which is one of the world's leading catering companies, operating in 70 countries. Under the Medirest brand, Compass Group gathers specialist meal service expertise for healthcare and geriatric care and runs catering and restaurant services for hospitals, hospices, health centres and homes for the elderly. Under the Eurest brand, the Compass Group runs company cafeterias, conference facilities, cafeterias for educational establishments, the armed forces and meal services for municipal and private schools and corrective institutions. More information is available on the Internet: and For more information, please contact: Eva Thuresson, Head of ServiceGruppen, S:t Görans Sjukhus AB, Tel: +46 8 58 70 13 33 Gunder Nydal, Vice President / Head of Public Market Division at Eurest AB. Tel: +46 8 440 75 25 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: