Casinoble grows with 500% in 6 months

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The industry of online gambling has been growing incredibly in the last two decades. Despite fierce competition, Casinoble has established itself in multiple markets in the previous year.

Since the beginning of the year, 2019, Casinoble has seen a growth in traffic corresponding to 500%.

  • The growth can be divided into internal and external factors. On the internal side, we have had a significant increase in traffic from search engines and been fortunate with our partnerships that have shown to be very fruitful.
    Externally we are riding on a wave of growth in Latin America and Asia due to technological progress and trend shifts in the way of gambling. Says Viola Lager at Casinoble

Casinoble is a global casino affiliate brand with lead generation as the business model.

Key contributors for the latest six months organic traffic growth (compared to the previous period):

Asia: 1.292 %

LATAM: 612%

Europe: 1.132%

Until recently, the growth in the online gambling sector has been focused around Europe and North America, but now the rest of the world is catching up. Latin America and Asia especially.

All in all, the markets are getting more mature which can be broken down in a couple of more significant contributing factors.

  • Increase of payment methods: As various payment methods, like e-wallets, become more available the online casinos get more accessible.
  • Game supplier agreements: When the large game providers establish themselves in new markets the selection of games increases dramatically, which often affects the number of players.
  • Online trend: Regions like Asia and Latin America do not lack a history of gambling, but the latest trend is moving it online.
  • Mobile penetration: The connectivity in Asia and Latin America is fairly high since it’s equal to mobile penetration instead of wired internet which was the case in Europe, for example, two decades ago.
  • Marketing Budgets: With the above as a fact the marketing budgets from the large operators are coming and so does the awareness among the players.

Casinoble was founded in May 2018 by internet veterans specialised within Affiliation and Search Engine Optimization.




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