Scribona´s subsidiary, EETI, has purchase bonds for a total amount of € 5.6 M

Scribona is pleased to announce that, EETI has purchase rated SME loans for a total amount of € 5.6 M. The investment consists of loans to SMEs in Germany. These bonds are expected to mature in December 2013. The investments benefit from a very attractive risk/reward profile, backed by substantial data on the issuers and the securities. The bonds are performing and paying contractual coupons.

Capitalising on the continuing dislocation of the European securitisation market as well as on the experience of EETI, Scribona intends to continue to selectively invest in ABS opportunities, as they arise. 


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Lorenzo Garcia, CEO of Scribona, phone +46-(0)737 08 38 88

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Scribona is listed on the First North market place. Mangold Fondkommission AB, 08-503 015 50, is the company´s Certified Adviser on First North.


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