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Catella is a leading specialist in property investments and fund management, with operations in 13 countries. The group has assets under management of approximately SEK 130 billion. Catella is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in the Mid Cap segment. Read more online at


Good to Great makes an important contribution to young tennis talent and to raising the profile of Swedish tennis internationally. Catella has been a proud sponsor of tennis for more than 15 years, and has been a main sponsor of Good to Great since 2015. With the Catella Arena we are taking the next step in our long-term commitment to Swedish tennis. In addition to making it possible for young talent to reach their full potential, our commitment to tennis creates new business opportunities for us and strengthens Catella’s brand
Knut Pedersen, President and CEO Catella
Since we opened the Good to Great Tennis Academy at the beginning of 2011 we have worked hard to bring Swedish tennis back to world leadership. The Catella Arena will give us a facility that provides the best environment for being able to realise this vision, with tennis training, physio and sports injury treatments, as well as important provisions such as nutrition and schooling.
Nicklas Kulti, founder of Good to Great
2013 was a very strong year for us and 2014 has the potential to become an even stronger year for property in terms of the market.
Anders Nordvall, head of the Swedish property advisory services
We are proud to be able to announce a transaction volume of this magnitude and thus maintain our strong position in Europe.
Johan Ericsson, Head of Corporate Finance at Catella
In order to build on Catella’s strong position in property advisory services in the French market, we are now establishing property asset management activities.
Johan Ericsson, President and CEO at Catella
Knut has more than 20 years of experience from the financial sector, a solid international background and is also a strong leader.
Johan Claesson
I look forward to being involved in the continued development of Catella in order to generate improved profitability in all segments.
Knut Pedersen
We are proud to be the first issuing house on the Swedish market which structures a bond loan secured by an underlying property portfolio. There has been very great interest in the bond.
Anna Ringby, Head of Nordic Fixed Income
This transaction demonstrates Catella’s unique combined expertise within real estate and financing, which no other player on the Swedish market possesses. We believe that this is the beginning of a new market and that this transaction is the first of many to come.
Anders Palmgren, Head of Corporate Finance
We have witnessed a positive development in the financing market since the beginning of the year. The results of our financing survey for the first quarter confirm this view of improved access to bank financing.
Daniel Anderbring, in charge of Catella’s CREDI
The cooperation will provide us with wider access to banks and financial institutions in London, as well as to UK based investors and those investors using London as a stepping stone for their European activities.
Anders Palmgren, Head of Corporate Finance at Catella
Our goal for 2013 is to strengthen our presence on the major European markets in Corporate Finance, and to build a competitive offering in Asset Management.
Johan Ericsson, CEO and President of Catella
During 2012, we began the strategic work on harmonising our service offering in all countries. Germany is an important European market, and also one on which we perceive growth potential for Catella. Thus, it is natural that one of the first investments is being made precisely in Germany.
Anders Palmgren, Head of Corporate Finance
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