Top education requires top technology – The new medical campus building in Tampere, Finland is the flagship of Caverion’s AV expertise

Caverion Corporation Article 10 March, 2017 at 9.00 a.m. EET

Top education requires top technology – The new medical campus building in Tampere, Finland is the flagship of Caverion’s AV expertise

Caverion recently designed and installed a cutting-edge AV system for a new building on the medical campus of the University of Tampere in Tampere, Finland. Arvo 2 building’s developer is University Properties of Finland Ltd.

Cameras and microphones help with training

More than one thousand current and future professionals of medicine, health sciences, biosciences and nursing work and study in the Arvo 2 building. The premises are large: three spacious auditoriums, over 40 teaching rooms, almost 40 meeting rooms and seven simulation rooms.

There are simulation facilities for emergency medicine, X-ray and intensive care in which students practise the various stages and functions of the treatment chain. All the simulation facilities are divided into a control room and an operating room in which dummy patients receive real treatment. The operating rooms have cameras and microphones for recording the situation for subsequent analysis and feedback.

“There is an audio connection between the control room and the operating room, enabling the teacher to supervise students or students to ask for the teacher’s opinion,” says Juha Sorri, who is in charge of the AV systems on the Kauppi campus.

A huge video wall

Caverion delivered all AV equipment for the common premises of Arvo 2: about 70 screens, 40 recording cameras and more than 70 loudspeakers and different kinds of microphones. An impressive video wall was installed in the largest auditorium.

“Not many places have such huge Full HD video walls with a pixel pitch of only three millimetres. This is a new opening for us as well,” notes Project Manager Juha Leko from Caverion.

“We wanted presentation technology that you can watch both up close and from further away. Luminosity and resolution in particular had to be sufficient. A video wall was definitely the best choice,” Sorri adds.

Caverion also delivered a complete control system for turning equipment on and off, controlling recording cameras, adjusting volume on microphones and controlling lights, curtains and screens. The system has readiness for remote control from a single location. It is thus a complex system in which all parts must function seamlessly.

“We have received much praise from the users of the premises. Students have been particularly pleased with the large screens , which enable group work. Teachers have been satisfied with the user-friendly control equipment,” Sorri adds.

For more information, please contact: Kirsi Hemmilä, Communications Manager, Caverion Finland, tel. 358 50 390 0941,

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The new medical campus building in Tampere, Finland is the flagship of Caverion’s AV expertise
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