PEMA AGM closes on positive note

On Wednesday January 21, 2009 PEMA members gathered in Amsterdam for their annual general meeting (AGM). This provided a good platform for several in-depth discussions and analysis regarding the current market situation and the implications for the global port equipment sector.

"PEMA recognizes the extraordinary new challenges facing ports, terminals and the whole maritime container industry as a result of global events,” said PEMA President, Ottonel Popesco “It is now more critical than ever for our members to get close to customers and really engage with their issues, both to respond to current circumstances and ensure the port industry emerges from the downturn in good shape”. Popesco continued, “We see the initial proposals for increased governmental spending on port infrastructure as an encouraging signal.”

As CEO of Cavotec MSL, Mr. Popesco offers a hands-on perspective based on his experience overseeing the activities of over 30 companies worldwide providing engineering solutions to a diverse range of industries, including the global ports market.

Without overlooking potential difficulties due to the current economic climate, PEMA is moving into 2009 with a renewed focus on strengthening its membership base and providing the industry with clear and concise market surveys. Strong focus will be on environmental sustainability within the industry and the innovations PEMA members have to offer.

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