Florida Structured Settlement and Annuity Sale Information

Many of those who have a structured settlement or annuity decide at some point that it’s the right time to take some money out of one of these assets by effectively selling part or all of the payment rights for future scheduled payments. Structured settlement or annuity holders can get up-front cash payments through one of these transactions, whether it’s to pay down debt, to fund a large purchase, or for other kinds of financial emergencies.

In the state of Florida, there are regulations to help make sure that structured settlement and annuity sales are good deals for asset holders. These state laws are helpful to consumers, but they do mean that structured settlement and annuity sales require some specific procedures and paperwork. It’s important for structured settlement or annuity holders in Florida to know how state law treats these kinds of transactions.

Florida Law and Structured Settlements and Annuities: Court Approval

One of the biggest steps in selling a structured settlement or annuity is getting the deal passed through Florida courts. By Florida state law, a structured settlement or annuity sale requires a court hearing where the court will review an application to authorize the sale. The best structured settlement and annuity buyers will help individual consumers who have these assets be prepared in advance of their hearing.

Florida Law and Structured Settlements and Annuities: Disclosure Laws

Another significant part of Florida state law is the requirement that structured settlement or annuity sales involve specific kinds of disclosure. The person who is selling future payment rights and getting up-front payment, who is technically called the “payee,” must have access to specific information involving the value of a cash payout. Firms that facilitate these deals are required to list all applicable fees. They must also contrast the amount of the up-front payment with something called ‘discounted present value’ that shows the estimated value of the future payments.


Florida state law also requires that the structured settlement or annuity holder be told to look for independent professional advice. Those professionals who are experienced in this kind of finance, but have no direct benefit from the outcome, can advise consumers about how structured settlement and annuity sales work, the legal effect of the documenation, and even assist with obtaining the best pricing for the transaction.

Aside from following Florida state law when pursuing a structured settlement or annuity sale, the holder of one of these assets should also shop around and get multiple bids from structured settlement and annuity buyers. The best buyers will not just offer competitive pricing, but will also provide great customer service to structured settlement or annuity sellers.

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