Indiana Structured Settlement and Annuity Sale Information

structured settlement or annuity sale can be a very useful strategy for anyone holding these sorts of assets. These kinds of deals can help a family to manage debt, to make smart investments in the future, or to participate in homeownership. However, no matter where the structured settlement or annuity seller is in the U.S., state laws may apply to this kind of transaction.

In the state of Indiana, officials have come up with a law regulating structured settlement or annuity deals that lays out certain required legal processes for closing a structured settlement or annuity sale. As in many other states, Indiana structured settlement and annuity laws are intended to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive offers from companies that buy these structured assets. Indiana’s legislation is competitive, and surprisingly readable: here are some of the things that structured settlement or annuity sellers can expect from this statute.

Determining “Value” of a Structured Settlement or Annuity Sale

The state of Indiana requires structured settlement and annuity buyers to provide information to assist holders, or those trying to sell a structured settlement or annuity for an up-front cash payment. Firms processing these sorts of transactions must show the structured settlement or annuity holder how any fees, commissions or other charges affect the net amount that they will receive. The firm is also required to provide a ‘fair market value’ for future payments to help the consumer compare what they are getting to what they are giving away.

Disclosure Enforcement

The Indiana law on structured settlement and annuity sales specifies a time frame and other requirements for disclosure. Failure to provide this kind of information can be a deal-breaker, and is considered an ‘incurable deceptive act’ by Indiana state law.


The Indiana law also clearly lays out the rules that local courts will use to determine whether a structured settlement or annuity deal gets approval. These mainly have to do with whether the buyer can prove that the structured settlement or annuity sale is equitable for the person signing over future payments, or parts of their future payments. The court will also look at whether the deal ‘impairs’ the ability of the asset holder to provide support for dependents.

All of these safeguards help to protect families in Indiana who have been awarded structured settlements and annuities, which are ultimately very valuable assets in a tough economy. If you need help facilitating a successful structured settlement or annuity sale in Indiana, talk to CBC about putting together the right kind of deal. We have the experience and the dedication to first in class customer service that helps our clients to benefit from structured settlement and annuity sales that will accomplish financial goals.


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