Minnesota Structured Settlement and Annuity Laws

The state of Minnesota has a law on structured settlement and annuity sales that has been on the books for over a decade. This law helps to ensure that structured settlement and annuity buyers will offer competitive deals on sales of these assets, leaving the seller with a significant amount of money in relation to the amounts that the asset holder is signing away in the form of future payments rights. A structured settlement or annuity sale can be a good way for a family to pursue financial goals like the following:

  • Paying down high interest debt or avoiding debt
  • Paying for a down payment on real estate or other investments
  • Funding higher education, necessary home repairs or other necessities

However, as in other states, Minnesota structured settlement and annuity sales have to be done right so that what’s offered is fair and spelled out in clear terms, and that the seller fully understands the transaction.

What’s in the Minnesota Structured Settlement and Annuity Law

Minnesota laws on structured settlement and annuity sales set out mandatory provisions to help local courts establish whether a sale is in the seller’s best interests. The courts will also look at how a structured settlement or annuity sale affects the welfare of any dependents, for example, making sure that a seller who gets a cash lump sum payment can continue to pay child support if so ordered. The Minnesota law helps to set the venue for a court review, and provides other requirements for a structured settlement or annuity sale. One of these is the use of something called ‘discounted present value’ that helps the structured settlement or annuity seller understand what he or she is getting in exchange for signing away future payment rights.

Minnesota Law: Why Courts Review Structured Settlement and Annuity Sales

The idea behind court review of structured settlement and annuity sales is to make sure that a seller does not agree to a less equitable deal without knowledge of the market for these transactions. Professionals will often counsel structured settlement and annuity holders to shop around for a buyer. In addition to offering more money for a structured settlement or annuity sale, the best buyers also provide great customer service and keep asset holders informed about a deal every step of the way. This insures that sellers get what they deserve for their release of future payments, but it also means that the deal will get done so that the seller has the money when he or she needs it.


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