Nebraska Structured Settlement and Annuity Laws

Each U.S. state has its own laws regarding the sales of structured settlements and annuities. For those who have these assets and want to get an up-front lump-sum cash payment in exchange for the sale of future rights, it makes sense to consider how your state of residence will affect your transaction. A structured settlement or annuity sale can help a family make smart investments or handle financial emergencies, but in many states, court review and other requirements are necessary to finalize a sale.

Nebraska Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Disclosure

Like other states, Nebraska law requires buyers of these assets to disclose financial information. A structured settlement or annuity buyer, which is often a large financial company, must show the seller:

  • amounts and due dates of future payments slated to be sold
  • gross amount of the up-front cash payment
  • expenses related to the sale

In addition, Nebraska requires specific language on disclosure documentation. This must explain the difference between up-front payments and future payment rights.

Nebraska Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Representation

Nebraska is also like other states in requiring a structured settlement or annuity seller to get independent professional advice or to waive that advice in writing. Requiring independent professional advice is another way that state legislators seek to protect consumers from unfair deals.


Nebraska state law requires these transactions to go through local courts. Some issues that local courts will review are:

  • whether the structured settlement or annuity sale complies with state laws
  • whether any dependents who rely on the seller may be affected by the transaction
  • whether the sale is in the seller’s best interests


Those who are considering selling a structured settlement or annuity in Nebraska benefit from understanding state law and how it applies to the sale. Sellers also benefit from doing some comparison shopping and getting bids from different structured settlement and annuity buyers.

At CBC, we are happy to provide competitive bids for structured settlement and annuity sales. We have the experience to work with Nebraska state law to get your structured settlement or annuity sale approved in a timely way. We give each client our full attention and will keep you informed about this very important part of your financial planning.