Ohio Structured Settlement and Annuity Law

structured settlement or annuity can be a very valuable asset to a family. When regularly scheduled payments aren’t enough to handle various financial situations, someone holding one of these assets can consider selling part of the rights to future payments in exchange for an up-front cash lump sum payment. Some of the common reasons for a selling a structured settlement or annuity include:

  • Paying down high-interest debt
  • Paying large emergency medical bills
  • Funding college or higher education
  • Making a down payment on a home or investment real estate
  • Making necessary home repairs

When structured settlement and annuity holders consider selling, they should know about applicable rules in each U.S. state. In Ohio, a law passed in 2000 controls how these sorts of deals can be implemented.

Ohio Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Court Review

One of the big issues in Ohio state law on structured settlements and annuities is that sales of these assets must go through local courts. This allows courts to look at whether the structured settlement or annuity sale is equitable and in the best interests of the consumer. Courts also look at whether a lump sum payment will impair the seller’s ability to provide for dependents, including child support payments.

Ohio Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Disclosure

Many of the disclosure rules in Ohio Structured Settlement and Annuity Law are very similar to those in dozens of other states in the U.S. These include the requirement that a structured settlement or annuity buyer list all of the fees, commissions and other costs attached to the deal, while also showing the seller the ‘discounted present value’ of future payments, to reveal how the up-front payment stacks up against what the structured settlement or annuity holder would receive in the future. Ohio law provides strict standards for this disclosure, including timelines and details about what must be in disclosure paperwork.


In order to make a structured settlement or annuity sale work, the buyer needs to file paperwork with the courts, while giving information to the seller. All of this requires a high degree of professionalism and knowledge of local laws.


At CBC, we understand Ohio state law on structured settlements and annuities. We can help you to get the most from a structured settlement or annuity sale, and we’ll make sure your transaction gets done right, so that you get the money that you need, when you need it. Ask our attentive and dedicated staff about how CBC can provide personalized, excellent customer service for your financial needs.


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