Selling Structured Settlements in Louisiana

Those who hold structured settlements and annuities have uniquely valuable assets. These individuals can keep receiving the regularly scheduled payments from their structured settlements, or they can seek an agreement with a third party firm to sell part or all of these payments in exchange for an up-front lump sum cash payment. Some reasons that structured settlement and annuity holders look to sell future payments include:

  • Wanting to pay down high-interest debt
  • Funding education, real estate purchase or another smart family investment
  • Dealing with unexpected medical bills

Getting a payment from a structured settlement or annuity sale isn’t like a loan, and doesn’t come with personal recourse or regular principal and interest payments, because the money has already been earmarked for delivery. However, those considering structured settlement or annuity sales need to know about the laws in their state of residence that have an effect on these sorts of transactions.

In the state of Louisiana, there are laws in place to oversee structured settlement and annuity sales. A local parish court must give approval for the deal to go through.

Louisiana Law and Structured Settlement and Annuity Sales

Contrasted with other state laws on structured settlements and annuities, Louisiana law is fairly short and less detailed. Although many of the considerations of other laws are not spelled out in Louisiana law, there is still the requirement for court approval. Louisiana state law does talk about specific venues for a structured settlement or annuity hearing.

Louisiana Law and Structured Settlement and Annuity Sales: Courts

In general, the Louisiana court will look at the details of a structured settlement or annuity sale and make sure that the deal is equitable for the seller. The legal process is intended to protect a structured settlement or annuity seller, and the court will assess whether the payout is an adequate amount for what the seller is giving up. The court may also review alimony and child support obligations of the asset holder in reviewing the proposed sale.


The Louisiana law on structured settlement or annuity sales may not be as strictly spelled out as other state laws, but the courts will still review each of these deals carefully to make sure that consumers are protected from unfair or deceptive deals.

Aside from state safeguards on these kinds of deals, those selling a structured settlement or annuity in the state of Louisiana can also benefit from shopping around for one of these kinds of payouts. The best asset buyers will offer competitive options, and provide excellent customer service, to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that the seller is kept informed.

At CBC, we have been working with clients for years to help families get the most out of structured settlement and annuity sales. We pay special attention to the needs of each client. Let us help you figure out how to benefit from a sale of part or all of a structured settlement or annuity asset.


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