Structured Settlement and Annuity Law in Arkansas

Those who want to sell a structured settlement or annuity should know how their home state treats these transactions. Many times, holders of structured settlements and annuities want to get money up front by selling future payment rights for their currently scheduled payments. A structured settlement or annuity sale can be a great way for a family to meet financial needs, but only if the deal is set up according to state law. In Arkansas, a 2005 law requires the review of a local court and other elements before a structured settlement or annuity sale receives final approval. This law helps to make sure that the structured settlement or annuity seller gets an equitable deal, and that his or her dependents are treated fairly.

Arkansas Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Informing the Seller

According to Arkansas structured settlement and annuity law, the structured settlement or annuity buyer must inform the seller about financial aspects of the deal. Required disclosure includes these items:

  • the aggregate amounts of up-front payments to the seller
  • the estimated value of future payments to be transferred
  • the gross and net amounts of the up-front cash payment
  • itemized listings of fees and expenses
  • information about the effect of a breach of transfer

Arkansas Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: What Do Arkansas Courts Consider?

Arkansas courts will consider the following issues regarding a proposed structured settlement or annuity sale:

  • Is the sale in the best interests of the seller, and has the seller been informed about the deal?
  • Has the seller been asked to get independent professional advice regarding the deal?
  • Will the deal negatively affect any dependents who rely on the seller for support?
  • Does the structured settlement or annuity sale contradict other laws?


In addition to providing the seller with disclosure paperwork, a structured settlement or annuity buyer needs to serve specific paperwork with the court. These include:

  • copies of the structured settlement or annuity sale agreement and application
  • copies of disclosure paperwork
  • listings of the seller’s dependents, if any, and their ages


Professionals who know about the market for structured settlements and annuities often advise consumers to get several sale offers before setting up a structured settlement or annuity sale proposal. The holder of these assets needs to know their worth and what is fair according to the current market for transferring future payment rights.


At CBC, we have the experience to set up your structured settlement or annuity sale professionally and in accordance with state law. We have a track record of great customer service, and we have helped families in many states to efficiently finalize a structured settlement or annuity sale. We take care of paperwork, so that money gets to you when you need it. Let us help you sell a structured settlement or annuity to meet your long-term financial plan.


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