Structured Settlement and Annuity Law in Idaho

Structured settlements and annuities are assets that provide the owner with a steady stream of money based on either a court-awarded settlement or a financial arrangement to disperse money over time. In many cases, those holding a structured settlement or annuity may want to sell part or all of the future payment rights in order to get money immediately for reasons such as:

  • necessary home improvements
  • down payment for a real estate purchase
  • medical emergencies
  • paying down high-interest debt

However, before you sell a structured settlement or annuity, you should understand how these sales are treated in your state of residence. Most U.S. states have their own laws on structured settlement and annuity sales to protect the interests of the seller and to regulate the transfer of payment rights from one party to another. In Idaho, the structured settlement and annuity law requires court review of proposed structured settlement and annuity sales.

Idaho Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Disclosure

In Idaho, a structured settlement or annuity buyer, which is usually a financial firm, must disclose certain information to the seller in writing. Idaho law specifies three (3) day period for this disclosure and even mandates a minimum font size for the printed information. Details that a buyer must disclose include:

  • gross and net amounts of up-front cash payments provided by the buyer
  • calculations of the value of future payment rights according to “discounted present value,” a common valuation method
  • lists of expenses and fees related to the sale, excluding some types of legal fees

The structured settlement or annuity buyer must also file specific paperwork with the local court.

Idaho Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Court Review

The court review process of structured settlement and annuity sales in Idaho requires that a proposed structured settlement or annuity sale meets certain criteria. The court will consider whether the transaction is in the seller’s best interests, and that it does not negatively affect any dependents, if applicable. The court will also make sure that the sale does not conflict with other state laws.


Structured settlement and annuity sellers in Idaho should consider shopping around for competitive bids before agreeing to a sale.

CBC is an established structured settlement and annuity buyer with a history of providing our clients with the support they need to get cash quickly. We give each client our full attention, and our staff will put together a structured settlement or annuity sale in compliance with Idaho state law to ensure that your sale receives timely court approval. Let us help with this important piece of your family’s financial plan.


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