Children of the world gather for climate summit in Sodertalje, Sweden

On the 25-28th of November 2015, 64 children from all over the world will gather in Sodertalje for a unique meeting: the Children's Climate Conference. Several of the delegates have already been affected by the climate crisis in their home countries. The purpose of the conference is to work together to agree on "the children's demands," a communiqué handed to the world’s leaders at the climate summit COP21, December 3 in Paris.

The Paris meeting (COP21) is the most important climate summit ever held. There is no doubt that the world’s leaders now need to agree on climate emissions, or we will face irreversible consequences. The Children's Climate Conference is being held to give children a strong voice on this important issue, which actually affects the next generation more than the adults who decide today.

Sodertalje councilor, Boel Godner, will personally welcome all the delegates to Sodertalje City Hall on the 26th of November. The same day, the Minister for Development Cooperation, Isabella Lövin, is visiting the conference to take part of the children's stories about the climate situation in their home countries. On November 27th the children will visit the Environment Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson, who has invited all the delegates to the Ministry of Environment. They will also have the opportunity to present their communiqué and demands there. At the moment, Grade Four in Blombacka School in Sodertalje, is also preparing for the event. They will host the delegates during the conference and help make everyone feel welcome and have fun.

Facts about Children's Climate Conference

What: Children from around the world gather to make their voice heard in the climate debate.

• Who: 64 children from 22 countries, ages 9-12 years. Host School: Blombacka School, Grade Four.

• When: 25-28th of November. The main negotiations will take place on the 26th of November. Also participating are 400 middle school students from Sodertalje.

• Where: Sodertalje City Hall.

• Goal: Complete the communiqué "the children's demands”, which will personally be handed over to the world’s leaders at COP21 in Paris on 3 December.

• How: Fredrik Berling, children’s TV-show presenter, is hosting the conference on the 26th of November.

• Organizers: The conference is an initiative by Telge Energi and organized with the support of the City of Södertälje, Fryshuset, Globetree and WWF.

For more information, please contact:
Jonna Holmgren, Press Officer CCC
Phone: +46 70 888 05 02

About Children´s Climate Conference

The Children´s Climate Conference is an initiative by Telge Energi and is arranged with support by the City of Södertälje, Fryshuset, Globetree and the World Wildlife Foundation WWF in Sweden. Between November 25-28, children in the age of 9-12 years from the whole world will meet in Södertälje, to discuss the climate challenge. The purpose of the conference is to give the children of the world a strong voice and to put pressure on the world’s leaders to reach an agreement at the UN Climate Summit (COP21). Read more:




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