Cell Network supplies dynamic business-to-business solutions for the promotions industry

Cell Network, together with its partners and Swedish promotions company Reklambolaget, has developed a new Java-based e-commerce platform - www.addyourlogo.com - where users can order corporate clothing and promotional gifts. The e-commerce service generated great interest among visitors when it was launched at the Stockholm Marketing Week corporate identity fair (27-29 September). The idea behind addyourlogo.com is to create a nerve that runs from manufacturer to end customer, by communicating all product information, e.g. qualities, delivery times and printing options, to customers over the Internet. Linked with this is dynamic logo handling that allows customers to see the products with their logo before going into production. "We wanted to create something more than an electronic shop, and this business model gives the customer flexibility, control and better prices," says Peter Sendelbach, MD of Reklambolaget. "Many visitors to the corporate identity fair expressed an interest in our service after seeing the possibilities for locating, choosing and finally designing the products with their own logo." Addyourlogo.com is based on Tradepoint, Netset's new Java-based e-commerce platform, and has been developed in less than six months. "Communication between project members was over a network using a project database on the Web and teleconferencing. It worked very well during development," says Petra Janetzky-Book, regional manager Cell Network Västerås, and project leader for addyourlogo.com. The idea of creating a business-to-business solution that makes the dealer 'transparent' has generated interest in the market. Christer Sturmark, a director and one of the investors of addyourlogo.com, described his view of the company at a seminar last week. "It is exciting to be working in an Internet company that is earning money today and that is using its strategy to increase profits further. In addition, corporate identity is enormously important for companies in the new economy if they are to attract customers and staff," says Christer Sturmark. Addyourlogo.com will be launched in Norway early in the new year, and the plan is to establish operations throughout Scandinavia in 2001. The industry's turnover in Scandinavia is nearly SEK 10bn, and addyourlogo.com's target is to take 10 percent of the market. For more information, please contact: Petra Janetzky-Book, Project Leader, Cell Network Västerås, phone +46 (0)21-107208 Ellinor Bollman, Dir. Corp. Commnications, Cell Network, phone +46 (0)703- 473714 Peter Sendelbach, MD, Reklambolaget, phone +46 (0)70-5150360 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/10/05/20001005BIT00430/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/10/05/20001005BIT00430/bit0002.pdf