Signs general agreement with Telia

Signs general agreement with Telia Telia has signed a general agreement with Cell Network for the development of IS/IT consultancy services. Together, the suppliers are expected to receive business worth about SEK 600 million. Cell Network is one of the IT consultants selected when Telia signs agreements on external consultancy services for the coming year. Cell Network will supply services including system development, project management, 3G and network & service management . Unlike last year, when Telia negotiated only with existing suppliers, about thirty companies were invited to submit quotations this year. Eleven, among them Cell Network, were selected. "Cell Network was among the highest ranked in our evaluation, and also offered an acceptable price. I hope Cell Network will be able to develop its business with Telia to the advantage of both parties," says Lennart Sandberg, responsible for contracts at Telia AB. "The agreement is proof that our complete offer in IT/Internet, telecom and media/communications benefits the customer. We offer Telia system development and project management as well as more specialist services in 3G and network & service management," says Stefan Karlsson, head of sales at Cell Telecom. For further information: Stefan Karlsson, Head of Sales, Cell Telecom, phone +46 (0)8-675 95 72 Ellinor Bollman, Director Corp. Communications, Cell Network, phone +46 (0)70-3473714 Arvid Liepe, Director Investor Relations, Cell Network, phone: +46 (0)8- 402 31 91, +46 (0)709-565185 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: