CenseoHealth Announces Record Number of Advanced Evaluations™ Completed in One Month

-Company Completes 22,000 Advanced Evaluations in the Month of October-

DALLAS, TX,–(November 06, 2012) – CenseoHealth, a leading provider of risk adjustment evaluation and analytic services for health care plans, today announced that the Company completed a record 22,000 Advanced Evaluations™ in the month of October, representing an 34% increase since September and totaling 92,675 Advanced Evaluations to date in 2012. The Advanced Evaluation is an in-home, face to face evaluation of an insurer’s qualifying population by one of CenseoHealth’s 2,000 physician evaluators that successfully identifies and closes gaps in care and coordination for the most vulnerable plan members. CenseoHealth projects to complete a total of 85,000 Advanced Evaluations for the 4th Quarter of 2012.

“In home health risk assessments are an impressive example of how Medicare Advantage plans improve the health and well-being of American seniors in ways that traditional Medicare cannot,” said Dr. Jack McCallum, CEO of CenseoHealth. “Our recent momentum with the program highlights its ability to help plans, their members and health care providers make important decisions to improve the health of the member.”

The Advanced Evaluation is designed to have the greatest possible impact on quality of care and has the unique advantage of taking place in the member’s home setting. It provides direct evidence of diagnoses and conditions, eliminating the need to search through data or dated member records for this same evidence. CenseoHealth maintains it is the member, not the medical record, who should serve as the source for this data. The Advanced Evaluation also identifies gaps in care and attempts to accurately identify all chronic diseases for which the member should be receiving treatment.

About CenseoHealth

CenseoHealth leverages a dynamic, data-driven evaluation platform combined with physician-led member engagement sessions to achieve a critical goal in today’s health care economy: aligning health plan payments and premiums with the actual health of plan members. CenseoHealth delivers on this promise through a suite of integrated services, including the Advanced Evaluation™, a face-to-face health risk assessment conducted by one of the Company’s 10,000 licensed physicians in their network nationwide. CenseoHealth’s CareCurrent™ and CareConnect™ services further allow health plans and medical groups to close gaps in care through 100% documentation and proactive claims tracking and direct outreach. The common thread is greatly enhanced connection for clients and their members which, in turn, positively impacts member engagement and health outcomes. For more information please visit www.censeohealth.com.

Nicole Terranella
Director of Marketing, CenseoHealth