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Second Global Foodservice Equipment Summit commits to far-reaching package of initiatives

Leaders of the world’s major catering equipment trade associations and foodservice consultants groups have agreed a series of initiatives to help meet the growing challenges facing the industry. 

The initiatives are detailed in minutes from the latest Global Foodservice Equipment Summit, which have just been released.  The Summit was hosted by CESA and was held during Hotelympia 2016 in London.

“Catering equipment manufacturers are increasingly selling their products around the world,” says Steve Loughton, CESA council member and EFCEM president.  “This is a win-win: foodservice operators get access to the very best products at competitive prices, while manufacturers are able to access more markets.  However, there are issues including agreeing common standards for, for example, the measurement of energy efficiency.  Plus we face common challenges, such as training, the skills shortage and accurate market data. 

“Sharing our experience and expertise, and working together to find solutions, will benefit the whole foodservice industry.” 

The Summit’s main agreements include:

•           NAFEM is spearheading an initiative to compile global research and statistics that will determine the size and shape of the catering equipment markets in regions around the world.  

•           EFCEM will create a joint working group dealing with industry standards.  The first area of consideration is energy standards.  It will look into what standards currently exist; what the similarities and differences between the various standards are; and, once the differences are determined, what standards can be harmonised.

•           CESA and EFCEM have been preparing a White Paper on The Circular Economy Principles (CEP).  The Summit discussed the draft document and agreed to support its aims and conclusions, which will cover the economy, environment, and social elements. 

•           The global standardisation of BIM was discussed.  It was agreed that CESA would lead a taskforce, including consultants and manufacturers, education providers, and content modellers, to develop the scope and parameters of this initiative. 

•           Education and training remain key areas of discussion.  The summit discussed how the FCSI and CFSP programmes might interact.  Foodservice consultant Doug Fryett is leading this area.  Future projects include a pan-European version of the CFSP textbook and a “Principles of Foodservice” programme, being developed in the UK, which will target entry level and first-time foodservice professionals. 

•           NAFES is leading the development of a Global Foodservice Equipment Supplier website. 

The next Global Foodservice Equipment Summit will take place in September or October 2016, in North America. 

For more information of any of the initiatives being discussed, contact CESA. 

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Global Summit Hotelympia 2016 – Apr-16

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Notes for editors:

The three associations leading the Global Foodservice Equipment Summit are EFCEM, the European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers, of which CESA is a member; NAFEM, the North American Federation of Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers; and NAFES, the National Association of Food Equipment and Suppliers, which covers Australia and New Zealand.  Also participating is FCSI EAME (the Foodservice Consultants Society International of Europe-Africa-Middle East).

The individuals, and the associations that they represent, attending the Hotelympia 2016 Summit were:

•           Steve Loughton, CESA/EFCEM, UK/Europe

•           Kevin Fink, NAFEM, North America

•           Mike Whiteley, NAFEM, North America

•           Deirdre Flynn,, NAFEM, North America

•           Greg O'Connell, NAFES, Australia

•           Evaldo Porro, EFCEM, Europe

•           Mara Rossi, CECED/EFCEM, Italy, Europe

•           Antonio Yanez, AMAIT, Mexico

•           Andre Prevor, SYNEG, France

•           Magnus Ericsson, BFS, Sweden

•           Torbjorn Peltonen, BFS, Sweden

•           Martin Rahmann, FCSI EAME, FCSI (Europe, Africa, Middle East/Worldwide)

•           William Tauton, FCSI Worldwide

•           Diogo Couceiro da Costa, APIRAC, Portugal

•           Marlon Schrimpf, HKI, Germany

•           Fabio Gargantini, EFCEM, Europe

•           Keith Warren, CESA/EFCEM, UK/Europe

•           Robert Assi, FCSI EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East)

•           Drewry Pearson, IFSA,  Ireland

•           Doug Fryett, Fryett Consulting Group, Moderator