Cevian Capital controls 5.0 % of the votes in AB Volvo.

Please be advised that Cevian Capital II Master Fund L.P. has acquired 50,000 series A shares in AB Volvo (publ). Following the transaction, Cevian Capital II G.P. Limited controls 7,941,536 series A shares corresponding to 5.00% of the total number of votes and 1.96% of the capital in AB Volvo. The position disclosed above includes 2,385,836 series A shares owned by Parvus Asset Management (UK) LLP, which has authorized Cevian Capital II G.P. Limited to vote for their shares in AB Volvo. In addition, Investment AB Öresund which owns 1,595,500 series A shares corresponding to 1.01% of the votes in AB Volvo has informed Cevian Capital that they are supporting Cevian Capital to join the Election Committee of AB Volvo. The shares owned by Investment AB Öresund are not included in the ownership position disclosed above. For further information please contact Christer Gardell or Lars Förberg (Tel +46 8 545 675 50) For enquires regarding Investment AB Öresund please contact Mats Qviberg or Stefan Dahlbo (Tel +46 8 402 33 00) Yours faithfully Denzil Boschat Director Cevian Capital Limited La Motte Chambers St. Helier Jersey Channel Islands JE1 1BJ Telephone +44 (0) 1534 602 000 Direct Telephone: +44 (0) 1534 602 509 Direct Facsimile: +44 (0) 1534 602 433

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