Challengermode signs deal with KRAFTON, Inc. to host new grassroots PUBG Esports initiative

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Upcoming tournaments mark the first collaboration to support PUBG Esports

STOCKHOLM, 19th May 2022: Challengermode, a leading global esports platform, today announced its partnership with KRAFTON, Inc. to be the official platform partner for the PUBG NextPro series - a tournament series giving grassroots esports players the chance to experience pro play in a professional esports setting.

For the remainder of 2022, the best amateur PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) PC gamers in Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa will be able to prove themselves in weekly tournaments that will feed into monthly leaderboards with prizes. These week-by-week competitions give esports hopefuls the chance to play like the pros in a continuous competitive experience all on one centralized platform.

This initiative will see KRAFTON, Inc. use Challengermode’s automated esports platform for the PUBG NextPro esports events - ensuring that competition at the grassroots level keeps up with the development seen across Western Europe, Middle East and North Africa for pro-level leagues and events. It will also bolster KRAFTON, Inc.’s efforts to expand the amateur playerbase of PUBG Esports after the transition of the title to free-to-play.

Robin Svensson, Esports Partnerships Manager at Challengermode, said: “We’re delighted to bring KRAFTON, Inc’s grassroots PUBG initiative to life on Challengermode.Together with one of the most popular IPs in the world we are creating a bedrock ground for players looking to ascend to higher tiers of PUBG-endorsed tournaments, which aligns perfectly with Challengermode’s goal of making esports truly accessible for all. We look forward to working closely with KRAFTON, Inc. on this series of competitions and other collaborations in future”

Erin Hughes, EMEA Esports Manager at KRAFTON, Inc. added: “Our main goal for this initiative is to inspire those who have recently taken up PUBG to take the plunge and embark on a new journey through the PUBG Esports ecosystem. Partnering with Challengermode has allowed us to create this grassroots competitive experience, and we look forward to working closely together over the coming months to make this tournament a success, attract new PUBG Esports fans and deliver something that players look forward to returning to again and again.”

The new series of competitions will begin on June 1st, running throughout the year, concluding at the end of 2022. Players and teams interested in participating can find out more here: Link

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