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  • Scandinavian ChemoTech publishes an interview with newly appointed chairman of the board Robin Sukhia

Scandinavian ChemoTech publishes an interview with newly appointed chairman of the board Robin Sukhia

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On May 16, 2023, Robin Sukhia was elected as the new chairman of the board for Scandinavian ChemoTech. In an interview with ChemoTech's head of investor relations, Jonathan Furelid, he gives his view on the company's potential and what he considers important to work on moving forward.

The interview can be seen at https://youtu.be/y04w3huDTmI and is transcribed below.

With me today I have Robin Sukhia, who on 16 May was elected as the new chairman of the board for Scandinavian Chemotech. Welcome Robin!

- Thank you so much fun to be here!

I thought I would ask you a few short questions to hear how you see the company's potential and the board's work going forward. But before we get into the questions, please introduce yourself briefly.

- My name is Robin Sukhia, general secretary and CEO in my daily role at the Sweden India Business Council where I came into contact with Mohan, ChemoTech's CEO and founder. We met a number of years ago on a delegation and I fell head over heels for the company, you could say. Before that, I worked for ten years in the venture capital industry as an investment manager at a VC company. I have quite a long experience of working with small companies, especially taking them out into the world. 

As the new chairman, what attracts you to Chemotech?

- There are several things that go hand in hand. Firstly, it's a unique technology with a fantastic patent family that is adapted to a reality were two of the things I fell for from the beginning. It is a modern product that you can take all over the world; it is portable and fits well, not only for India, but for the whole world, even in Sweden. I thought it was very interesting that it was produced in that way. The business model is also smart and profit-oriented.

- Then, of course, the fact that it suits both humans and animals is fantastic. If you look ahead a little, the TSE technology fits very well together with immunotherapy. It will create completely new treatment for the world. Finally, the fact that you get no side effects with our TSE technology while having a 1000 times higher effect. That should be of interest to every doctor and patient who works with or is undergoing cancer treatment.

Could you give me your view on the company's future potential.

- I think we have put forward a strong strategy, which we have worked intensively on it over the past year. Partly to secure the existing customers that we have, partly to secure new customers. But also, to produce these clinical results that we work on at the large University Hospital AIIMS in Jodhpur, India, and do so in a good way.

- When you look at the potential going forward, it is clear that these superficial tumors that we work on at AIIMS, represents a great potential for the human side in the near term. But if you look ahead, they (AIIMS) also want to become a partner to us.
A strategic partner where you can use TSE technology in Laparoscopy.

If we flip the coin. What do they see as the biggest challenges for the company?

- We still have some way to go, and then long-term financing is always a challenge. When we are on the stock exchange and stock prices are going as they are, you constantly need to review that you have a stable financing strategy, and we have worked on that as well. Otherwise, I see that the challenges that you might have had before when TSE was a new technology are not there, the market understands TSE better now. We don't have the same feeling that we might have had 2-3 years ago, today the acceptance is on a completely different level. So, I think that will be exciting.

If you look at where your focus will be in the near term, is it the financing part that is the big focus or is it somewhere else?

- It will be the financing part, but also the commercialization process. I think our communication has been pretty good to the market regarding which customers we have and which strategic customers we have.

- Above all, if you look at the animal side in England with the Royal Veterinary Collage and in the USA with Florida Wild, they have almost been like ambassadors for us. So, the focus will be to make sure we get the product out through these kinds of channels, then target big chains on the animal side and focus on that. Simultaneously focus on getting these clinical trials done at AIIMS and making sure to get the product faster to the Indian market. The potential with superficial tumors in India is enormous. We haven't even looked at other potential areas that we know we will be good at, but now you could build an entire company just on superficial tumors in India.

I would like to get your input on the funding side and what it would ideally look like, especially given that you have a background in the VC industry. The market out there is quite challenging, to put it mildly, when it comes to finding money. How do you see the company ideally being financed?

- In an ideal world, you would have a higher share price and bring in significantly more money. In the world we live in, we still need to look at how much money is needed for the next 2-3 years and then have a good plan to bring in that money over a foreseeable period of time.

- We understand the market just like everyone else, and what needs to be done to protect us as small share-holders, I am one of those myself, so we are very keen to make sure that we bring in money at levels where we can build the company on, which is important. We are in a phase right now that is extremely exciting. And when we succeed in setting this funding strategy, it will be a good journey for all of us.

Thank you very much for your time and good luck with the board work going forward.

- Thanks so much!

For further information please contact:

Mohan Frick, CEO

Phone: +46 (0)10-218 93 00

E-mail: ir@chemotech.se

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ChemoTech is a Swedish medical technology company based in Lund that has developed a patented technology platform to offer cancer patients access to a new treatment alternative, Tumour Specific Electroporation™ (TSE), available for treatment of both humans and animals. There are a large number of cancer patients whose tumours for various reasons cannot be treated by conventional methods but where TSE can be a solution. Therefore, the company continuously evaluates new opportunities and areas of application for the technology. ChemoTech's shares (CMOTEC B) are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm and Redeye AB is the company's Certified Adviser. Read more at: www.chemotech.se.