Making A Practical Difference

In response to a number of articles in the trade press regarding the accuracy of supplier catalogues and whether particular references actually exist, PACT, the joint venture between electronic trading specialists eparts and TecCom is keen to point out the practical benefits that factors who are able to trade electronically have in this matter.

There are a number of significant advantages for both suppliers and factors in being able to trade electronically, but particularly relevant to the publicised debate is that factors that are able to trade in this way can resolve the matter almost instantly.

PACT customers (both suppliers and factors) become ’enabled’ to trade electronically when their internal administration systems are ‘linked’ with their respective business management systems to provide system-to-system integration.

PACT enabled factors therefore can interrogate the suppliers stock control system to not only find the part theoretically, but to see the cost of the part and whether the supplier has the part in stock in its warehouse or when it will be available. This is done in real time, which means that an alternative supplier can be used if the supplier who would normally be the first port-of-call doesn’t actually stock the part.

These factors have little fear in not finding an alternative supplier as now more than 70 suppliers’ systems are also PACT enabled, so the ability to source even the most difficult of components is a reality for them.

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Note For Editors

PACT, is a joint venture project between electronic trading specialists eparts Ltd and TecCom, which allows aftermarket parts suppliers and motor factors to communicate more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively by means of a paperless IT system to system procurement process.

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