Telge Energi raises the prize money to 70 000 SEK for this year's Children's Climate Prize winner!

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13-year-old José Adolfo from Peru became this year's Children's Climate Prize winner on November 20 at the Stockholm City Hall, Sweden. He received a medal, diploma and prize money which was first raised from 50 000 SEK to 65 620 SEK, thanks to public's engagement in a social media campaign. But now that all the "tags" are counted, Telge Energi will increase the total to 70 000 SEK!

Thanks to publics involvement in social media in connection with this year's Children's Climate Prize, the initiator of the prize, Telge Energi, could raise the prize sum by another 20 000 SEK for José Adolfo, winner of the year. That raises the total prize money to 70 000 SEK! The prize money provides opportunities for the winner to invest in future climate projects and initiatives. This year, the public had the opportunity to influence the final prize sum, through a social media push, that was launched for all who wanted to support the winner's initiative. For each comment with a "tagged” friend on a number of selected posts, the prize money was raised with 10 SEK.

"It was incredibly successful and created engagement for the climate issue from the perspective of young people. We got an extra boost in social media during the gala evening and somewhere we had to stop and put a sum on the check to be handed over there and then. But we decided that we of course would count all the tags that came in during the evening and the total was therefore adjusted to 70 000 SEK, fantastic!”, says Jonas Månsson, head of communications at Telge Energi.

The Children's Climate Prize is an established platform for young people from all over the world who engage in sustainable development. This year, the award ceremony took place in Stockholm City Hall, Sweden on November 20, where 13-year-old José Adolfo from Peru was named the winner. He was praised for his eco-bank initiative. Economics professor and jury member Micael Dahlén was very impressed with José and his unique economic perspective and sees great potential for accelerating the initiative, something that the prize money can help make possible. José Adolfo himself has talked about the possibility to expand his operations to Lima and other major cities in Peru.

About the Children's Climate Prize
To highlight the climate issue from the next generations perspective, with the realization that it is their future at stake, the renewable energy company Telge Energi initiated the Children's Climate Prize in 2016. It is an international climate event for environmentally-conscious people from around the world. It is a two-day event and 2018 it took place 20-21 November. The award ceremony and gala in Stockholm City Hall and Children's Climate Talks. Read more on the Children’s Climate Prize official website.

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