Chiquita Reignites London’s Streets with Bright Branded Banana Buses

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London, UK – July 13, 2021 - Chiquita is excited to inject a summer spark to London’s streets with a visually vibrant campaign that will be featured on London’s iconic double decker buses running through key central transportation routes throughout the city.

In its seventh consecutive year of running the London bus campaign, this summer Chiquita aims to outshine the dark days of the pandemic cloud, encouraging a re-emergence of positivity and exuberance to uplift locals planning to staycation in the city. While Chiquita’s signature color, yellow, evokes optimism, vision, it’s bright branded buses will transform an iconic London attraction into a moving canvas highlighting the fun side of healthy eating and Chiquita banana’s superior taste and quality.

“The double-decker buses are synonymous to being considered London’s national symbol,” said John Cockle, Chiquita’s sales and market director of UK and Ireland. “Featuring a bold and impactful yet fun and vibrant campaign in true Chiquita fashion on such an iconic platform, is a strategic avenue to bring local residents a dose of fun and excitement in their everyday city lives.”

“Reinforcing one of our brand promises of consistency, we’re thrilled to return to London’s streets, once again encouraging local consumers to ‘Think Chiquita.’ Synergistically, with the UK launch of Chiquita’s super-premium banana, the Chiquita Queen, our goal is to amplify the banana category positioning to support our growth in the UK.” Chiquita has a long history of bold branding and impactful promotions that has resonated with audiences dating back to 1944 when it introduced the world-famous Chiquita jingle. Throughout the years Chiquita has leveraged strategic partnerships and utilized distinctive marketing platforms such as its iconic Blue Sticker to educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of bananas, while simultaneously innovating shared value for the Chiquita brand, it’s customers, and community.