Chiquita Teams Up with Fitness Expert Frankie Ruiz to Encourage Fans to Get Active at Home

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – April 21, 2020 – In pursuit of its mission to highlight the fun side of healthy living, Chiquita is joining forces with Miami Marathon Co-Founder and Nike Run Club Coach, Frankie Ruiz, to create easy-to-follow fitness routines for people of all ages to try from the comfort of their own homes. Anyone can participate in the seven-day workout plan by visiting Chiquita’s official Instagram account, where Frankie will be sharing his expert tips on establishing a routine and how to stay active indoors via IGTV.

“Eating nutritious foods and staying active while following stay at home orders is a great way to maintain overall health during these challenging times. Plus, exercise is a known stress-reliever and a positive, engaging activity for families to do together,” said Ruiz. “Bananas are a great pre- or post-workout snack because they offer energy fueling nutrients and can also help the body repair itself after a strenuous workout. I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Chiquita to offer simple at-home exercises to get families up and moving at home.”

Exercise and other physical activity can help reduce stress as it produces endorphins in the brain, a chemical that acts as a natural pain killer. Chiquita’s seven-day workout plan led by Ruiz includes a variety of 25-minute exercise routines designed to stimulate all major muscle groups in the body. Each day includes a warm up, cool down, rest periods and a variety of simple exercises including push-ups, lunges, weight lifting and more. For people who don’t have weights at home, Chiquita and Ruiz recommend incorporating household items such as a broomstick or gallon of water.

“During this period of uncertainty, we hope that by providing refreshing distractions and activities such as indoor workouts, we can inspire people to stay mindful of the importance of personal wellness and maintaining healthy habits,” said Tina Varjabedian, Chiquita’s Marketing Manager for North America. “Our nutritious Chiquita bananas go hand in hand with a holistic lifestyle, and we’re happy to be teaming up with Frankie Ruiz to encourage people to get active as we adjust to the new normal.”

Chiquita also has a variety of versatile, nutritious recipes available for banana lovers seeking energy-boosting snacks before a workout, or a sweet treat to enjoy after a day full of activities.

Providing at-home activities is one of many ways Chiquita is supporting fans during these uncertain times. The banana brand recently updated its Blue Sticker logo for the first time in history, removing the Iconic Miss Chiquita to remind people to stay home and safe. Additionally, Chiquita is spearheading millions of banana donations across the globe, ensuring that people facing food insecurity are receiving the nutrition they need.

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