Quick and easy Chiquita banana mug-cake recipes

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Mug cakes are wonderful treats for a busy family – they can be made in just a few minutes, they’re easy to make and great fun to eat, so no wonder everybody loves them! It’s no surprise that Chiquita bananas help to make the best mug cakes, because they add delicious taste and moisture to make any cake batter out of the ordinary. The best recipes are simple ones, and these are no exception – anyone can make these mouth-watering mini-morsels!


Chiquita bananas are really convenient ingredients for mug cakes – there’s barely any preparation involved, just mash or slice a banana of any ripeness, depending on the recipe, and you’re ready to bake. Our bananas are not only handy and super tasty, of course, they are also amazingly healthy – they’re loaded with fibre, important vitamins and minerals that make sure these great treats are also good for you, as well as saving you lots of precious time! Here’s some delicious recipes below to start your mug cake-making journey.



Chiquita banana muffin mug cake

This awesome two-person recipe uses two overripe Chiquita bananas, natural yogurt, honey and cinnamon for a fabulous snack you can whip up in just 15 minutes. Prepare the batter and then divide it evenly between two greased coffee mugs, then put these in the microwave to bake for just 90 seconds. Drizzle with more honey and scatter delicious Chiquita banana pieces on top for a truly tempting snack.


5 minutes Chiquita banana Fudge S’mores Mug Cake

This is the dream recipe you’ve been waiting for – what could be more delicious and decadent than this glorious mix of Chiquita banana, fudge, and s’mores? Easy and vegan, this cooks in the microwave in under five minutes.


Chocolate and Chiquita banana peanut butter mug cake

The perfect mug cake to warm you up on a cold day, this mug cake is the ultimate comfort food for chocolate lovers!


Easy Chiquita banana bread mug cake

If you have a really ripe banana and a microwave, this super simple recipe will satisfy your banana bread craving in just five minutes.


Pumpkin and Chiquita banana mug

This delightful mug cake is ready to eat in just three minutes in the microwave – top with whipped cream for a truly scrumptious snack.


Chiquita banana mug brownie

We confess, this banana mug brownie is the most tempting quick snack we know! It’s healthy, really easy to make and also flourless, so it’s naturally gluten free.


Chiquita banana cinnamon roll in a mug

For another great classic transformed into a mug cake, look no further than this mouth-watering recipe. Cinnamon swirls mixed throughout a fluffy, cinnamon-flavored banana cake? Count us in!


Chiquita’s six new, easy-peasy banana mug-cake recipes are here to tempt you – all you need to add is a handful of ingredients, your microwave, and a few minutes of your time to create some seriously yummy family favorites!