ChromoGenics is expanding the product portfolio and by that creates a total façade concept.

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ChromoGenics has become famous for creating innovative façade glass. Now, the company is taking a strategical step when glass products for the façade is complementing the product portfolio. This is the start of a completely new façade concept.

A façade is built up of both window surfaces and wall surfaces. ChromoGenics is now creating a concept that includes both types of surfaces. The new product for wall surfaces is called ConverLight Energy and is a glass with built in solar cells which makes it possible for the façade to create more energy than it consumes. The glass can be delivered in selectable colors and patterns to create a unique design of the property. Architects will be given increased possibilities to desigh both beautiful and energy efficient facades.

ConverLight Energy in combination with ChromoGenics other window products will give the property a world leading insulation property, dynamic solar protection and a cohesive design at the same time it is giving surplus energy.

The expansion of the product portfolio is done in co-operation with Kameleon Solar who are experts in this type of glass. ChromoGenics and Kameleon Solar have already done a pilot project in Norway.

“By combining two unique technologies we have created a fantastic Green-Tech concept and can by that contribute with smart, beautiful facades but more so to a more sustainable society.This is completely in line with our vision. Again, ChromoGenics shows it innovative leadership and how we are accelerating this leadership”, says CEO Jerker Lundgren.


Jerker Lundgren, CEO
Lars Ericsson, CFO and Head of Communications
Tel: +46 (0)18 430 0430
Certified Adviser: G&W Fondkommission, e-mail:, tel.: +46 (0) 8 503 000 50

Every care has been taken in the translation of this document. In the event of discrepancies, the Swedish original will supersede the English translation.

About ChromoGenics
ChromoGenics offers dynamic glass with controllable heat- and light transmission and static glass with world leading performance. The company’s unique technology ConverLight® provides sustainable solar control for increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency. ConverLight also contributes to Green Building certifications. In 2016 the company started commercial sales to real estate projects in Scandinavia.

ChromoGenics is located in Uppsala, Sweden, and the technology is derived from the world leading research center at Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. The plant has been partly financed by a conditional loan from the Swedish Energy Agency. ChromoGenics share (CHRO) is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser.





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