PRESS RELEASE: ChromoGenics inaugurates new plant for producing ConverLight™ dynamic glass

With a crowd drawn from industry and academia, ChromoGenics today inaugurated its new manufacturing facility in Uppsala, Sweden. The 3000 sqm production facility includes climate-stabilized cleanroom facilities, production lines for ConverLight™ glass laminates, testing facilities and a center for high-tech smart materials.

Distinguished guests included Erik Brandsma, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency, who formally inaugurated the plant, and Professor Claes-Göran Granqvist, one of the founders of ChromoGenics, who is the pioneer behind much of the research on dynamic glass.

In his remarks to the audience, CEO Thomas Almesjö stressed the significance of the event: “Our new plant, based on nanomaterials research from Uppsala University in Sweden, represents the start of a whole new industry for sustainable glass solutions.”

Production is now beginning in the plant to fulfill orders for Scandinavian architectural projects, and deliveries will take place during 2016. These building projects represent only a small part of the potential global demand real estate and construction companies as well as other players within the glass industry.

ConverLight™ is a flexible, dynamic glass solution providing effective solar protection for increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency. The windows adapt automatically or manually to daylight and solar radiation, without any external equipment interfering with the view or changing the esthetic appearance of the building façade. ChromoGenics’ unique, proprietary electrochromic technology controls optical properties, shifting transparency between lighter or darker.

Energy savings come from reduced needs for air conditioning, since the surplus solar radiation can be reduced up to 90% by dynamically shading the glass. It contributes to fulfilling the requirements of environmental building certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM.




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