Conotoxia app now in dark mode

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The Currency Exchange app is now available in the more and more popular dark theme. It allows you to reduce battery consumption. Many users appreciate it for its aesthetic qualities.

Shortly after the release of the new version of the Currency Exchange Conotoxia app, the latest convenience is announced. According to the latest trend, the refreshed interface is complemented by night mode.

"Bright screens give people tired eyes much more quickly than dark mode. Many users are convinced that a dark screen is more readable than its white counterpart. Dark theme is also much less power consuming which is beneficial due to extended battery life on a single charge. In many cases the differences in energy consumption are significant," says Tomasz Wartalski, Chief Innovation Officer at, the company which designed and provides the app.

To activate the dark theme, go to "App settings" in the user profile and then select light, dark or system colour control (auto mode).

With this release, the app's developers have introduced one more improvement. From now on, the app will remember the currencies for which the user has already checked the exchange rates for or ordered transactions. This means you will not have to select your favourite currency pair each time.

In January this year, the app was enriched with access to a long list of payment methods. Currency Exchange 3.0. also gained a new design, structured within five intuitive tabs. This mobile solution in a new version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app dedicated to the iOS platform will be available soon.