Conotoxia multi-currency cards now available for EU residents

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From now on, Conotoxia multi-currency cards are offered to residents of almost all European Union countries and Norway. At the first stage of the product, the cards were only available for residents of Poland.

Seeing high interest in multi-currency cards among Polish residents, fintech expands its range, offering the cards to residents of all European Union countries (excluding Ireland, Croatia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary) and Norway. Conotoxia has already started further development, aiming at making multi-currency cards available to other EU countries, but also, among others, the United Kingdom.

Conotoxia users can order physical multi-currency cards with a delivery option through courier and postal services. In Poland, fintech was the first on the Polish market to enable delivery to parcel lockers. 

"Being able to reach more users, residents of nearly the whole European Union is a crucial step in the international growth of Conotoxia Holding services. For us, providing this new feature at the beginning of the holiday season was of special importance because when travelling abroad, a multi-currency card is just very handy," says Piotr Kicinski, Vice-President of, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding.

Conotoxia provides multi-currency cards in virtual and physical form. An application for card issuance is submitted online. Their holders get access to free accounts in EUR and 19 other currencies and can pay in over 160 currencies. Moreover, fintech offers a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS to manage the cards. The multi-currency card users can also make contactless payments using a smartphone, watch, and tracker.

The multi-currency card is offered by Conotoxia Sp. z o.o., with Polish Financial Supervision Authority licence no. 30/2015. is the Polish brand from the Conotoxia Holding. The Group’s specialised companies provide competitive, transparent and innovative online financial services. These include money transfers, multi-currency cards, payments, online currency exchange and access to Forex trading. You can find these solutions and more (for example, multi-currency lending service) at, the international brand from the Group. The brands sponsor popular sports teams such as the Chicago Bulls and the National football team of Wales.