Conotoxia owner partners up with Microsoft Xbox for a joint campaign

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The partnership was formed in the promotion of Forza Horizon 4 for Microsoft Xbox and money transfer services powered by the Polish brand of Conotoxia Holding Group - The joint campaign will emphasize their common virtues: unmatched speed, quality and intuitiveness. and Microsoft announced the partnership in a joint statement. The strategy was devised to engage new client groups and deliver brand messaging to the audiences of both brands in Poland. The partnership includes a major, country-wide cinema campaign, consisting of two interrelated spots, and a discount promotion for new and existing clients of Conotoxia Holding Group in Poland.

“In order to produce the animation visible in our video spots, we invested in high-end hardware and technology. This allowed us to create photo-realistic visuals.” said Marcin Pioro, founder and sole owner of the Conotoxia Holding Group. The CEO of also emphasized the importance of the partnership. “Our goal is to position our brand as innovative, tech-oriented and leading in its field. In this regard a strategic collaboration with a brand like Microsoft is vital.”

Microsoft connects the potential of the campaign with the original concept of connecting finances and video games. “What caught our attention was the idea of taking two brands from seemingly very different worlds of finance and gaming and drawing a surprising conclusion that they are not so different after all.” commented Mariusz Then, Microsoft Xbox Category PR Manager.

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