Serbian dinar — new currency at web portal has added a new currency, the Serbian dinar (RSD) to its portfolio. In total, the offer now includes 28 currencies, from which 756 currency pairs can be formed. users can now exchange the Serbian dinar, as well as use it in money transfers and online payments. The offer is available for both individual and business customers. 

"Taking into account the number of offered currencies, is one of the market leaders; and today we prove once again that we want to keep it that way. Interest in currencies outside the top 5 of our portfolio continues to grow. Our users want to pay in the local currency of the country with which they are related to by business or private matters. Our currency offering makes that possible," comments Piotr Kicinski, Vice-President of, a company belonging to Conotoxia Holding.

RSD is the official currency of Serbia, introduced in 2003 after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. 1 Serbian dinar divides into 100 para. The name "dinar", currently used in many countries, comes from the silver coin "denarius", minted in ancient Rome.

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