Cision Announces North America’s Top 50 Consumer Electronics Blogs for 2012-2013

CHICAGO, December 13, 2012 – Cision, the leading provider of cloud-based PR software, services and tools for the marketing and public relations industry, today announced its 2012-2013 list of the Top 50 Consumer Electronics Blogs in North America, based on the Cision Influence Rating, a metric that quantifies the impact of digital and traditional media.

Cision also announced the availability of a free briefing book containing detailed outlet and contact information on 15 key Consumer Electronics influencers and outlets across print, broadcast, online and social media. The briefing book includes pitching tips, deadlines and lead times, target audiences, how to arrange for product reviews, and other important information for communicators.

“From games to smartphones to tablets to flat-screen TVs and home theaters, Consumer Electronics blogs offer news, insights and reviews of a huge range of products,” said Heidi Sullivan, Cision’s Senior Vice President, Digital Content. “They’re a great information resource during the holiday season and the run-up to the International Consumer Electronics Show. Our Top 50 blogs list and briefing book helps communicators establish relationships and ongoing dialogues with key bloggers and influencers that help them tell their brands’ stories.”

The full Top 50 list is available on Cision Blog.  Below are the Top Ten:

  1. Engadget
  2. Gizmodo
  3. Joystiq
  4. Kotaku
  5. Android Central
  6. Jay Is Games
  7. Gamefront
  8. TouchArcade
  9. 9to5 Mac
  10. Dvice

The Consumer Electronics briefing book offers a sample of the depth and breadth of content available to subscribers of the Cision Media Database.  Cision’s database, updated 20,000 times each day, lets PR and marketing professionals identify the influencers they need to reach – and understand how best to reach them.

Says an editor from a top blog: “I skip over emails that are not in any way personal. If it doesn’t mention my name or my blog, it’s automatically filtered out.”  Another editor emphasizes responsiveness. “Be on top of information requests,” he says. “We have deadlines to work under.”

“Almost every influencer whom we speak to strongly urges PR people to know what they focus on – before they send an email or make a phone call,” Sullivan said. “Research in the Cision Media Database gives them that understanding, and a huge edge over their competition in getting coverage.”

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