Citi and NyföretagarCentrum to help young entrepreneurs create another 500 new companies

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The global bank Citi is continuing its co-operation with NyföretagarCentrum for the “Young & Own” program in Sweden through the Citi Foundation. The collaboration, which started in 2015, has generated 3,000 new companies, twice the original goal. The cooperation is now being extended and another 500 new companies are expected to be established by young entrepreneurs in 2020. Citi is also involved in mentoring programs for immigrant women entrepreneurs.

When the collaboration with NyföretagarCentrum started in 2015, the goal was to establish 1,500 new companies within four years. That goal has been surpassed by a wide margin with as many as 3,000 new companies established and 7019 young entrepreneurs completing the programme. In the coming year, another 500 companies are expected to be established within the framework of the program called “Young & Own”. The collaboration is funded through Citi’s foundation, Citi Foundation.

“We have seen fantastic development over these four years and now we look forward to further developing our collaboration, also with mentoring programs for women who are recent immigrants. Investing in young people is crucial for integration, community development and for sustainable economic development. With NyföretagarCentrum and “Young & Own”, we can now encourage even more young entrepreneurs with foreign background to create their own company and future,” says Alexander Stiris, Nordic cluster head, Nordic corporate banking head and country head for Sweden at Citi.

The collaboration between Citi and NyföretagarCentrum Sweden aims to reduce youth unemployment and support young entrepreneurs (18-30 years) with a focus on those with a foreign background. The new programme period aims to build on the successful results of the program so far, such as the winner of “Young New Entrepreneur 2019”, Mehri Nasirian, who established her staffing company Docia with 65 employees and a turnover of 66 million.

Citi will also contribute to NyföretagarCentrum’s mentoring programme for recent immigrant female entrepreneurs, where Citi employees are mentors to share their knowledge, experience and networks.

“Mentoring programs are often decisive for whether or not these women start their own business,” says Elisabet Sannas, project manager for NyföretagarCentrum’s Young & Own program. “All the participants in the program are very well educated, but nevertheless find it difficult to establish themselves on the Swedish labour market. The efforts of Citi’s mentors are invaluable here.”

“The results achieved during our years with Citi have far exceeded our expectations,” says Harry Goldman, CEO of the NyföretagarCentrum. “Thanks to Citi and their foundation, we have been able to establish ‘Young and Own’ which has become a success story, not least for entrepreneurs with a foreign background who have been given the opportunity to make their own way to livelihood in business through, among other things, advice, support and mentoring. With this renewed collaboration, we will also be able to explore more ways to develop our support for young entrepreneurs with foreign background.”

In Europe, the Citi Foundation collaborates with Youth Business Europe through their member organisations in 10 countries: Belgium (
microStart), France (Adie, Positive Planet), Germany (KIZ), Italy (MicroLab), Ireland (Inner City Enterprise), Kazakhstan (MOST Business Incubator), Netherlands (Qredits), Russia (Youth Business Russia and ImpactHub Moscow), Spain (Youth Business Spain), and Sweden (NyföretagarCentrum Sweden).

In total, Citi has invested $2.6 million in these countries over four years through the Citi Foundation and is now investing a further $700,000 for a one-year programme period to support 4,500 young entrepreneurs starting up businesses. In total, around 24,000 young entrepreneurs have been supported through the programme with advice and other support, and approximately 5,700 new companies have been established in Europe, with as many as 3000 of them in Sweden. The initiative is part of the Citi Foundation’s global pathway to progress initiative, which aims to increase young people’s financial opportunities through entrepreneurship.

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