Venus Omni — The Most Comprehensive Health Check Package for Swedish Women

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Citikliniken Labs develops an all-encompassing healthcare package for women to stay healthy.

Citikliniken Labs develops a comprehensive health check, specifically tailored to the female physiology, to provide women who want to have full control over their health and well-being with a detailed overview of their health status.

STOCKHOLM, 31 December 2019 — The Swedish healthcare provider, Citikliniken Labs, is now offering their female patients a comprehensive health check, aptly named Venus Omni. The check involves everything from blood testing and analysis to consultation with a certified medical professional, diagnosis, treatment if necessary, health, fitness, and nutrition advice, as well as regular follow-ups.

The rapid pace of our lives and the level of stress we’re all exposed to daily can take a toll on our health and overall well-being. Despite that, we only ever visit a doctor when illness overtakes us. Simultaneously, however, we’re well-aware that routine health checks and prevention, aside from a healthy diet and exercise are the keys to good health.

In an attempt to facilitate healthcare in today’s fast-paced world, Citikliniken Labs has come up with a perfect solution. Namely, with the introduction of the Venus Omni healthcare package, Citikliniken Labs allows Swedish women to quickly and conveniently order a full health check online.



Citikliniken works with accredited laboratories, such as Karolinska Universtetslaboratoriet and Unilabs, across the country and offers over a hundred receptions in different areas. In other words, upon ordering a health check, patients can visit the nearest laboratory to provide a blood sample. After that, the laboratory takes over, and the patient’s job is practically done. There’s no waiting in line or spending an entire day visiting half a dozen medical facilities.

The Venus Omni package includes the analysis of over 30 health markers, including everything from the patient’s metabolism and cardiovascular health to liver and kidney functions and hormones. Apart from providing a detailed overview of the patient’s current health status, Citikliniken Labs also provides a consultation with a medical professional with a comprehensive assessment of the analysis and a baseline for lifestyle changes. Patients are able to access the results online at any time, as well as get a diagnosis and treatment when necessary and schedule follow-ups.

The package is available for both individuals and companies who want to take good care of their employees’ health. Apart from this specific health package, Citikliniken offers health checks for men, fitness checks for trainers and active individuals, as well as particular health checks.


Isabella Svensson                                       

vice president, QA       


Roger Svensson                                       

CEO, PhD       


Citikliniken Labs offers online health analysis services for private paying customers.

The health analyzes range from analysis of individual and specific health markers to more complex and composite health analysis packages with over 30 health markers adapted for women and men as well as health analysis packages within fitness and performance for those who exercise with different intensity.

Metabolism | Cardiovascular Health | Kidney & Liver function | Blood status | Hormones | Vitamins & Minerals | Diabetes | Heredity

Health Packages for Women & Men | Composite Health Packages | Fitness & Exercise Package | Clinical Physiological | Hormone Package

Accredited laboratories | Karolinska University Laboratory | Aleris Medilab | Unilabs

Doctor response within days | Report in your own E-Journal | Login with BankID

Doctor: Consultation | An overall assessment of analysis of health markers.
Health Outcome: Description of current health status & hormone balance | Baseline for lifestyle changes | Future checks & Follow ups.

WORKFLOW: The customer first orders an analysis over the internet and can then go to any blood sample reception to which the Citikliniken is connected. The customer's blood sample is then analyzed at, for example, the Karolinska University Laboratory or another accredited laboratory. Citikliniken Lab's doctor then compiles the analysis response with recommendations that the customer receives within about a week.

Citikliniken Labs was developed by BraineHealth in collaboration with Citikliniken Health which today provides primary care in Norrtälje.


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