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  • Lippulaiva has some of the most advanced energy solutions in the world – smart energy systems are also good investments

Lippulaiva has some of the most advanced energy solutions in the world – smart energy systems are also good investments

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CITYCON OYJ Corporate Press Release 17 June 2021 at 9:00 hrs

The new urban centre Lippulaiva, under construction in Espoonlahti, is a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, and will be carbon neutral in terms of energy consumption from the opening day. Energy solutions for the buildings, with a total area of 150,000 square metres, include geoenergy and smart management of electricity consumption. The heating and electricity systems of Lippulaiva are not only among the most advanced in the world but are also sensible investments.

Lippulaiva’s electricity consumption is optimised with a smart system that manages a wide range of the centre’s electricity consumption areas as well as a backup generator and a large electric battery. Smart management refers to features such as temporarily reducing air conditioning when electricity consumption is at its peak. The electric battery is used to participate in Fingrid's balancing power market to help in balancing the operation of the electricity network. The Lippulaiva system is supplied by Schneider Electric, an expert in energy management and automation.

“The smart energy systems to be installed in Lippulaiva are not only environmentally friendly but also very sound investments financially. We look forward to the launch of Lippulaiva and the measurement data that will be provided during use. Of course, it is possible that everything will not work optimally right away, but the smart system will learn and improve the building’s energy efficiency,” says Risto Seppo, Property Development Director at Citycon.

The heating and cooling needs of Lippulaiva will be met by utilising geoenergy of the plot and by recycling surplus heat. There are about 50 kilometres of geoenergy wells under the building, and a large heat pump system is used to adjust the heat to the correct temperature. Energy wells are also used for energy storage, such as by storing the surplus heat from cooling in the summer to be used during the winter for heating. Lippulaiva’s heat pump system, implemented by the energy company Adven, is one of the largest systems used in a commercial premise in all of Europe.

Thanks to the geothermal solution, no condensers need to be installed on the roof of Lippulaiva, leaving room for green roofs and solar panels. A part of the centre's electricity consumption is produced by solar panels, which are placed on both the roof and the wall surfaces, with a total area of over 5,000 square metres. Solar energy is used to power lifts, escalators and lighting for the public areas of the centre, among other things.

“One of the goals of Citycon's responsibility strategy is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The Lippulaiva project and the lessons learned from it provide excellent support for reaching this goal,” emphasises Risto Seppo.

Multi-faceted approach to sustainability

In Lippulaiva, sustainability is taken into account also in how people move and are moved. The Espoonlahti metro and bus terminal will be located in Lippulaiva and services involving electric-powered modes of transport are developed in the entire greater Espoonlahti area by providing parking spaces and charging stations for electric cars and bicycles. Lippulaiva will have dozens of charging stations for electric and hybrid cars and ten rapid chargers for electric cars. Ecological modes of transport are also promoted by offering parking spaces for about 1,000 bicycles, and a secure, indoor bicycle parking for charging electric bicycles. 

Social responsibility has also been taken into account already during the construction of Lippulaiva. For example, Lippulaiva sponsors a school class, and aims to foster participation within the local area by sponsoring families in cooperation with the Espoo library. Activities of the sponsored class include experts from various industries teaching the pupils about sustainable energy and transport solutions.

Its many sustainable energy solutions make it possible for Lippulaiva to participate in the SPARCS project conducted by the European Union, aimed at promoting energy efficiency and electric-powered modes of transport.

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Risto Seppo

Property Development Director

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