Transforming the track area into a new urban space in Liljeholmen

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CITYCON OYJ   Corporate Press Release 26 January 2021 at 8:00 hrs

The Nordic real estate company Citycon plans to develop residentials and offices at Liljeholmen by covering the track area at Liljeholmstorget. Under the name RE: Liljeholmen, an attractive living environment will be created with 120 new apartments, 3,000 workplaces and a glazed plaza with space for activities, cultural events and experiences. The project is being developed in collaboration with the City of Stockholm and the zoning phase will within a short time reach the consultation period.

Citycon is already a major player in the area as owner and manager of Liljeholmstorget Galleria, which for seven years has been acclaimed Stockholm's Best district centre and Vårdhuset, a healthcare cluster with over 20 care units adjacent to the mall.

“Liljeholmen has a fantastic location just a stone's throw from CBD. With the new sections of the light rail Tvärbanan and metro, Liljeholmen will become the obvious hub for the new southern part of Stockholm, which is currently taking shape”, says Veronica Palmgren, Development Director at Citycon.

By covering the track area, the right conditions for a modern, inviting, mixed-use development are created. In total, RE: Liljeholmen will include new areas of just over 70,000 sqm distributed between apartments, offices, hotels, retail, services, culture and public meeting places. A new plaza is being created as a large, open indoor area with a view of Trekantsparken.

”The new space will be integrated with the existing Liljeholmstorget Galleria which will increase the flow of visitors to the galleria and create even more attractive meeting place. With RE: Liljeholmen, we're making our vision of turning the area into Stockholm's most inspiring meeting place into reality”, says Veronica Palmgren.

Approximately 120 tenant-owned apartments are planned to be between the park and the new plaza, in the form of two residential buildings that are planned to be built in the current car park area.

“RE: Liljeholmen is an important milestone and a good example of how we execute on our strategy to develop accessible and convenient mixed-use urban hubs by adding residentials and offices to our necessity-based community centres. These combine a variety of services, leisure and retail within a short distance or in connection to public transport. The long-term aim is to create lasting value to tenants, owners and local communities”, says Erik Lennhammar, Chief Development Officer at Citycon.

RE: Liljeholmen is expected to become a reality, starting in 2023, with the covering of the track area, which will take about 2 years. After that, the construction of the new buildings will start.

For more information about the development of the project and for inspiration, visit (The website can be reached from 2th of February.)

About the project RE: Liljeholmen

  • RE: Liljeholmen is being developed on top of the track area between Liljeholmstorget, Nybohovsbacken and Trekantsparken.
  • With RE: Liljeholmen, a new city district is being created with 3,000 workplaces, 120 tenant-owned apartments and a new indoor walkway, a place for new meetings and experiences.
  • RE: Liljeholmen is expanding the size of the property from the existing 48,000 m² to approximately 118,000 m² (BTA).
  • Overall, RE: Liljeholmen will include new areas totalling just over 70,000 m², distributed between apartments, offices, hotels, retail, services, culture and public meeting places. The preliminary distribution will be as follows: 10,000 m² of apartments, 30,000 m² of offices, 14,000 m² of hotels, 6,000 sqm of public spaces with retail and services and 10,000 sqm garage, technical areas etc.
  • The existing healthcare building with 12,000 m² in size with over 20 care units, will be completely renovated and modernised.
  • RE: Liljeholmen is being developed by Citycon in collaboration with the City of Stockholm. Citycon owns, develops and manages necessity-based community centres for an urban lifestyle with retail, services, housing, offices and culture.
  • The architects for RE: Liljeholmen are Wester+Elsner arkitekter, Reflex Arkitekter, Topia landskapsarkitekter and ETTELVA Arkitekter.  
  • The construction period is expected to begin in 2023 and be completed in 2029.
  • The City of Stockholm is organizing the consultation period which is planned to last 2nd February until 15th March.

Source renderings: Citycon/TMRW

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