Experian takes control of social media risk

Global financial information company’s security team invests in social media risk management 

London, UK, 22 May 2013 – CrowdControlHQ, the UK developer of professional social media risk management tools, can announce that global financial information company, Experian, has rolled-out its software platform across the organisation as part of its on-going drive to enhance its security in the risky social media environment. 

Financial institutions are compelled by law into greater central oversight than that required of other industries, as any comment made on their behalf might be construed as financial advice, which is strictly regulated. Having multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts jeopardises this central oversight, and this is the first challenge that has to be met: the requirement to monitor, approve and amend all comments made on the company’s behalf.

Says the company’s security specialist, Caroline Bromley: “The platform gives me control over user permissions across the entire business, as well as the ability to block, automatically delete or flag posts that fall outside what I consider acceptable parameters. This enables us to catch potentially damaging posts or tweets before they go live. The legal team likes this too.”

Experian has to manage a diverse range of requirements from its social media activity, with its marketing and PR departments, integrated business units, service and support departments and designated legal department all requiring something different. For instance, the marketing department wants analytics and graphs, monitoring and brand management. Security demands different levels of access, central control and a clear audit trail.

How CrowdControlHQ helped

From a security and compliance perspective, the CrowdControlHQ dashboard gives Experian the ability to monitor, manage and ultimately control centrally all of its branded social media accounts. This satisfies the key barriers to entry for financial institutions wanting to take advantage of social media.

CrowdControlHQ doesn’t merely address the industry’s security challenges: it offers features to help other departments gain the most from their social media activity. For instance, for the marketing department, there’s buzzword monitoring and analytics modules that enable them to measure the reach of their posts.

CrowdControlHQ also shows them which activities are most effective in achieving their goals and how the Experian brand is being perceived. Combining these with security features such as password restrictions, tiered user permissions and a clear audit trail means that Experian can actively engage in social media activity, while being confident that the risks are being mitigated.

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