Change of ownership in ASG Direct

Change of ownership in ASG Direct By acquiring the 65% stake held by Danzas ASG AB (formerly ASG AB) in ASG Direct AB, CityMail Group AB (publ) is becoming the company's sole owner. At the same time, ASG Direct AB is changing its name to Real Logistics AB. The acquisition, which is effective right away, will not lead to any immediate changes for ASG Direct's 20-plus employees. CityMail will now further develop Real Logistics' activities in cooperation with other owners. More detailed information will be given when the new ownership structure is presented. The business will continue to cooperate with Danzas companys in Sweden in some areas. The jointly-owned company has been a development project for Danzas ASG. Following Danzas ASG's takeover by Deutsche Post/Danzas, the jointly-owned company no longer fits in the overall strategy. Danzas ASG will continue to handle and deliver packages to consumers, using its own products and systems. ASG Direct (Real Logistics)- which operates in the area of Internet-related package distribution to consumers- has constructed Directrix, its own data platform of logistics solutions for e-commerce businesses. The system permits full interaction between consumers and e-commerce businesses in real time. For instance, a consumer can specify date and time of delivery. In addition, Directrix offers follow-up/tracing of shipments, handling of return packages, documentation and labeling as well as offering its customers third-party logistical solutions. The company has also established its own courier business, which provides sophisticated services in both Stockholm and Göteborg. For additional information, please contact Håkan Ohlsson VP, CityMail Group AB Phone + 46 (0)70 752 42 01 Lars Sundman VP, Danzas ASG Eurocargo AB Phone +46 (0)8 782 2232 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: