Clas Ohlson rents out Christmas!

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Clas Ohlson is further developing their rental offer and can now give their customers the opportunity to rent carefully selected Christmas products. Clas Ohlson's Christmas box is for anyone who does not have the attic full of Christmas decorations, or maybe celebrating in a new context, or in a new place, for the first time. The contents of the box have been collated based on a survey, in which more than 8,000 people participated.

As of today, Clas Ohlson rents out pre-packed Christmas boxes. A survey conducted by Clas Ohlson, with 8,202 participants, showed 8 out of 10 (83%) people in Sweden decorate their homes for Christmas every year, and that more than half (58%) of them usually buy some form of new Christmas decorations every year. The most common Christmas decoration to buy is a new string light, which 38% of participants say they do.

“We want to simplify life in all kinds of homes. Since Christmas decorations are only used once a year, and for a limited time, it feels great to be able to offer this. Although we have rented out tools for a while, the Christmas box is a new way for us to promote reuse. We hope that this test project will be appreciated, and that it could add to the Christmas spirit for our customers”, says Sofie Struwe, Commercial Manager at Clas Ohlson Sweden.

The Christmas box contains an electric candle bridge, an Advent star (including light source and cord), a small Christmas tree, a string light, Christmas ornaments, a Santa Claus figurine, a Yatzy game and a deck of cards. The Christmas box also contains a small Christmas present from Clas Ohlson. The selection of Christmas decorations in the box is based on a survey that Clas Ohlson sent out to their loyalty club members in November. In the survey, participants were asked to make a list of which Christmas decorations they thought were the most important. Half of the respondents picked the electric candle bridge, so it was a natural choice to add that product into the Christmas box.

The Christmas box rental will continue until Christmas Eve. Renting a Christmas box costs 99 SEK. The boxes are available from December 5 until Christmas Eve, and are to be returned by 13 January. The boxes will be pre-packed in Clas Ohlson's store on Drottninggatan in Stockholm.

Top 10 most important Christmas decorations according to the survey

Most important Christmas decorations Results of the survey (%)
1. Electric candlebridge 50 %
2. Advent wreath 44 %
3. Advent star 36 %
4. Christmas tree 32 %
5. String lights 32 %
6. Santa Claus figurines 26 %
7. Door wreath 12 %
8. Christmas curtains 10 %
9. Gingerbread house 3 %
10. Homemade crafts 3 %


Information about the survey

The survey was commissioned by Clas Ohlson and was sent out in the form of a web survey on 22 November 2019 in an e-mail to Club Clas loyalty club members. The results of the survey are based on the responses from 8,202 participants, with representatives from all over Sweden.

For more information, please contact: Johan Mårsell, PR & Communications Clas Ohlson Sweden, +46 70 643 3655

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