Bulletin from Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB Annual General Meeting 2023

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The annual general meeting of Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB was held on Tuesday, 13th of June, 2023. Below is a summary of the decisions that were made.

Results- and balance sheets
The company´s results and balance sheets were approved at the meeting. The Board of Directors and the CEO were discharged from liability for the financial year 2022. No dividend was decided.

Decision of number of board members
The Meeting decided that the number of board members should be six and no deputy members.

Decision regarding the board´s and the auditor´s fees and remuneration guidelines for Management and principles for appointment of the nomination committee
The Meeting resolved to adopt the remuneration to the board and the auditor that was proposed in the notice convening the AGM. The proposal for remuneration guidelines for Management was also approved. The meeting also approved the principles for appointment of the nomination committee. 

Election of board members
The board members were elected according to the proposal of the nomination committee. Finn Johnsson (re-election) was elected chairman of the board. Christian Zahler (re-election), Markus Augustsson (re-election), Korbinian Kramer (re-election), Marie-Louise Olsson Dawwas (re-election) and Rebecca Schwantes (new) were elected as members of the board. The meeting elected the auditing company, Finnhammars, as auditor for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.

Decision regarding Amendment of Articles of Association
The meeting resolved to adapt the amendment of the Articles of Association with the new wording on postal voting.

Decision on authorization for the board to issue shares
According to the notice convening the AGM, the meeting resolved to authorize the board of directors, until the next AGM, at one or more occasions and with or without the preferential rights of the shareholders, to make decisions on new issues of shares, warrants and convertibles.

All decisions were made unanimously. / The Board 

Contact information:

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB
c/o Win-Win Ekonomi AB
Palmfeltsvägen 21
SE-121 62 Johanneshov/Sweden

Amudova AB is Clean Industry Solutions’ certified adviser. Phone +46 8 546 017 58
E-mail: info@amudova.se

Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB holds 100% of Industrial Solar GmbH and 100% of SolarSpring GmbH - both located in Freiburg/Germany.  
Industrial Solar GmbH is an international leading technology and solution provider, which develops projects mainly based on its innovative Fresnel collector technology suitable for fulfilling an expected growing market of solar process heat. As a one-stop-shop Industrial Solar offers turnkey solutions for customers in several industries.
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Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer ISE, SolarSpring GmbH - membrane solutions, has evolved into an international pioneer in the field of membrane distillation offering innovative waste- and drinking water treatment technology.
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